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E-commerce - Habilelabs

E-Commerce Solution

Habilelabs provide E-Commerce solutions that allows to perform multiple tasks in terms of consumer and business admin. Consumer can buy/purchase products and services in very convenient and easy steps and business admin configure the products details and services from backend.


It’s a big challenge to manage all-in-one eCommerce solution in a single platform. Anyone can start their business within any areas. So, it was painful to design the structure and reusable components.

  • It was tough to support multiple was tough to translate the dynamic data. It need to reads all keyword (node) of the screen and save it on database with translation.
  • To developed E-Commerce with real-time effect. It uses meteor for real-time reflection. It means user will get instant reflection of changes without reload the pages.
  • It was tough to add multiple payment gateway for multiple language and multiple regions.
  • To design packages of every module in meteor.


  • Habilelabs team design a module for translation which aimed to read the all keyword from the page and add it in database with translation. And also give the permission to admin to change or add new translation of any keyword. It also translates the dynamic data form the pages.
  • We decided to use Meteor and angular for realtime reflection.
  • Added different payment gateways and the payment gateway not loaded whenever consumer not choose the options. Payment gateway only loaded which is selected by user. It helps to increase the performance.

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, are:

  • Real Time Reflection
  • Support Multiple language
  • High Secure