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Hotel management - Habilelabs

Hotel Management

Habilelabs is the development and maintenance partner in hotel and store management system for the restaurants, cafes, bars etc. that simplifies and digitalizes the exchange of information between manager and the employees of that particular organization. It is the online reservation management system to manage all the bookings with the email and SMS features.


It’s a big challenge to manage online booking system for the restaurants according to the time zone and the availability in the restaurant and the action reporting via the emails and SMS to the person who booked a reservation for any restaurant.

  • It was tough to manage relation between the restaurant and user.
  • Many restaurants do not update with the backend and don’t check the emails as well. Greatest Pain area in this is when a user goes to the restaurant, but there is no table which is served by the restaurant.
  • Online Reservation, pain area in the zone timings if someone books a booking from other time zone then the booking might be chances of some early time or some later time.
  • While online booking two user books the booking on same time and a person should book all the available seats, it might be possible to book a booking to second user also.
  • It deals with assign shifts to the staff members according to their roles, it is done by the manager of that organization while assigning a shift to user when closing a shift there should be no orders which is having status active or print.


  • Problem regarding the restaurant backend updating, we build an addon named “Call Centre” that helps to call the person and the restaurant to confirm the booking, he can be declined the booking also according to the interaction between restaurants and call centre user.
  • While online reservation through widget we check the availability after every entry, it will perform action to that user who books the booking first it is working in the milliseconds.
  • For the time zone issue we used Moment Library that will keep the records according to the time and zones, Team build a powerful solution for that problem.
  • Team developed three different-different widgets for online bookings depending on the conditions of the user and the restaurants also.
  • We also giving a feedback to every booking, to improve the management system of the restaurants and users.
  • For shift assignment used a calendar format that will help to show all the activities related to employees, that will keep all the view transparent to manager and admin.

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, are:

  • From the widget architecture, able to reduce the user pain and time to book an online reservation.
  • “Call Centre” is the powerful key feature that helps in the interaction between the users and gives the transparent impact on all the bookings of the restaurants.