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Technology Stack Migration

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Just deciding to migrate to a new technology isn’t enough, you have to figure out a realistic path that involves the least amount of disruption to your business.

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Migrating to Modern JavaScript

Moving your technology stack, or part of it, to modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular,NodeJS. Meteor.js is a challenging task involving organizational, technical, and cultural shifts.
But Migration is necessary as we need to migrate to modern Interface and need to target more devices and platforms.

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tech stack migration

Do you need help regarding technology stack migration? We will help you, discuss with us about your requirements.

Team Challenges Migration To The Modern Web


Knowledge – Limited knowledge of advanced JavaScript.


Discomfort – Discomfort with functional composition as is common in JavaScript.


Alien Frameworks – New frameworks to learn.


Practices – New practices to learn (Git, test-driven development, continuous integration).


Processes – New development processes (Agile, Scrum, etc.).

Our solutions Migrating to Modern JavaScript and Frameworks

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Our team of experts will Make a plan with you for Migration of technical and culture shift and accommodate the trainings. This will enable seamless migration.
Reuse as much of your software as you can by building a service-oriented architecture against your current codebase. Step by step processes to migrating using the best web practices.
Proven technology stacks and methodology implementation by us which invloves your team learning.Develop mobile friendly Interface and mobile ready Backend.

Tech Stack Migration