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Custom Application Development

We develop secure, upgradeable and standalone custom applications with multi-platform compatibility. Having specialized in several JavaScript frameworks, our team augments the ideas of innovation during the entire process.

Information Websites/Portals

A website speaks through its user interface. We infuse pixel-perfect and responsive web designs to the pages to make sure that it is being heard by the potential customers.

Integrated Web Solutions

With clear understating of client’s requirements, our team plays the forefront of application development and project management behind the stronghold of expertise and conviction.

Offshore Product Services

Offshore services are liable in reducing product development costs by a considerate amount and improved software quality at the same time. We have a proficient offshore team available round the clock to assist our clients across the globe.

Technical Outsource

Our exceptional outsourcing services redefine the concept by offering excellent values. We outsource our team members to deliver effective business outcomes to our clients.

ERP Services

Our team specializes in multiple JavaScript frameworks and pioneers forward-thinking ideas in providing the most relevant Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to the client’s business model.

What Makes Us Special

Standardized Approach

Our team implements standard strategy to render effective solution for every business.

Business Flexibility

Our business handling approach comprises flexibility that enables clients to avail of service.

Seamless Communication

Communication channel is 24/7 active to ensure that every query is responded on time.

Awesome Pricing

All our services are available at the best price in the specific arena.

Technology Expertise

To cater out-of-the-box solutions, we follow continuous technology adaptation and innovation

Prompt Execution

We follow the stringent measures to execute our services within the scheduled time frame.


We, Habilelians, Work Like a Family!!
Our primary motive is to value our employees and treat them like family members. We believe that a company’s growth depends upon its valuable employees, their mind and creative ideas. We actively pay attention to your overall growth and prepare you to compete on the big platform in the future. When businesses are busy growing their profits and bank accounts, we strive to provide every possible opportunity to develop yourself. We strongly believe in a result-oriented approach. We accept challenges, make targets and change them with time to redefine success. When it comes to having fun, we are second to none. We laugh, we cheer, we dance and we enjoy accomplishments TOGETHER.

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Offices Re-Opening – How Ready Are We?

Walk down the memory lane and think, When did you last go to the office? Probably for the majority of us, the answer would be – ALMOST 20 months ago.

Yes, you read it right, more than 1.5 years now.

When the world went under complete lockdown in early 2020, life as we knew it, completely changed.

Never did we imagine that everyone would be locked inside their homes, business, corporates, institutions and everything else would be shut with only the essential services – that too for a specific time would remain open, of course with adhering to proper norms and protocols.

For corporates, especially in India, working from home, once a rare luxury, became the new normal.

Keeping the company shut down for some days and then figuring out how to retain work smoothly by letting workers be at home was a challenge for almost every company.

But it was also not easy for the employees, as well, to adapt to this new practice.

The biggest confusion for those who lived in cities away from their home was whether or not they should move back to their hometowns.

Of-course, who knew how long the lockdown would be for? From setting up an office at home to getting high-speed internet connections, nobody realized that they had become so comfortable with the whole “Work from Home” concept.

Now, as India has seen a significant decline in Coronavirus cases and an increase in vaccination doses, companies are planning to re-open their offices by the end of the year.

The management is all set – from new interior to hardware repair, everything is ready, for making the workers feel comfortable at the office after the long work-cation.

However, the big question remains, ARE THE EMPLOYEES READY?

Are the employees ready to work from the office?

Covid-19 Workflow

After working from home for almost two years now, everyone has woven a web of comfort and convenience around themselves.

Well, we all know, there are thousands of benefits of WFH like – living at our hometown with family, flexible working hours, comfortable clothes, spending time with kids, getting rid of the traffic, fresh hot lunch, attending all family gatherings and functions without worrying about the leaves and much more.

Relocating back to the big cities is a major impediment for those who saved on a lot of their expenses while stay at their own homes.

As a result, big corporations have introduced the concept of HYBRID WORKING, in which employees split their workdays between home and office. On certain days, they continue to work from home and depending on the necessity and requirement, they need to work from the office.

Companies reopening fully, however, will have to deal with a backlog of workers in the office because, as they say, habits don’t get away in a day. Do you also relate or agree to this?

There are so many questions, thoughts and mixed emotions that everyone who is about to join the office must be having, and it’s natural to be going through all of that right now. Well, but as we all know, change is the only constant and everyone has to go through that changing phase of moving back to the offices, once again.

All of this might be a lot to take in. Right? Because there are going to be new challenges, getting out of our comfort zones again and much more. But we all knew, and in reality too, remote working was just a temporary solution. We will be living in a whole new world, once again.

Let’s get set to go and make sure that we are able to live positively with the change, all over again, and that we all evolve with it.

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