Agile Working — How to Enable Business Agility?

ByKhushi Maheshwari
April 13th . 5 min read
Agile Working — How to Enable Business Agility?

Modern methods of planning and evaluating growth have touched different heights. Amending new policies, new culture, and new ideas cannot take your firm to the desired place if your business is not agile. This is where agility comes to play its role!

Business agility enables you to adopt new technologies, and variations quite fast, without facing any kind of loss to the firm.

It is something that will help your firm to have knowledge about what is needed and why it is needed.

This difference of what and why is quite necessary to be known, as this is the only part that makes your organization different from others.

If we see the fact, then the agile way of working has become a key determinant for the existence of any business firm.

Agility makes a firm flexible, efficient, and one on which the customers can easily rely.

What is Agility and Why it’s Necessary?

The agile way of working is nothing but a protocol, process, or a way in which an organization can move!

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Beyond the conventional approach, agile methods render greater leverage to organizations to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing market landscape and customer requirements needs of the market and customer while playing safe with the ‘fail-fast’ approach.

Improved quality, happy customers, a prudent team, and reduced market risks are rather a few said benefits that agile environment offers to the concerned enterprises and business entities.

Besides, the greater advantages lie in the numerous possibilities and capabilities that agility renders to help companies attain a flexible and scalable business ecosystem.

Not making your business agile can really give you a tough time while competing with your competitors, as customers are always looking for faster and better products.

These changing demands of customers clearly state that your company has to be upgrading and delivering on a continual growth path. Think up to mark, implement fast, and follow a particular roadmap can definitely set a pathway towards agility and ultimately makes your business agile.

Each business is having its own boundaries and efficiencies, but these three stones are the foundation of every business-

1. Adaptability

It is the first stone of business agility. Your business should have the capacity to modify and adapt new strategies in changing situations in the fastest possible time.

Violating the market rules and conditions can never be an option, so working at a breakneck speed to modify the product and services according to the market is the only option an organization has.

That’s the reason a rigid structure cannot be able to adapt to the rapid changes according to turbulent circumstances, but an agile work environment can definitely do so.

2. Customer-Eccentric

The primary focus of business agility is only one, i.e., how it’s benefitting the customer.

Making profit a motive is necessary, but that profit should never be there at the expense of the customers because ultimately it will harm your firm only.

Continuous change according to the customer’s needs even during challenging times is what business agility works on.

3. Cross-Functional Association

When people of different mindsets and different work-style work together on a common goal, then this association is always proved to be fruitful.

Agile working always promotes this association because success lies there where everyone is on the same page.

Importance of Business Agility

Business agility has its own advantages and benefits. Let’s have a look at why it is that much important for any firm -

- A new era of management!

When agile working methods are implemented in your firm, then the chances to have more ideas are quite higher than compared to other methodologies.

One more thing, handling a particular process or project with agility can never make your organization agile. To have an agile workplace, you need to set a top-to-bottom business agility mindset.

What matters is the age of the decision-makers, especially when management joins in the agile way of thinking, rather than the impact.

Definitely, the ideas which are carried by young youth are appreciable, but the experienced person will always come up with a solution that follows the protocol too.

- Customer is the focal point!

The main goal which every organization is just to deliver what customer demands.

To achieve what they want it is quite necessary to put efforts into the target market because if you know customer persona then the business value will become easy.

Where to start is always been a question, but when it comes to customers then understanding them through sales and analytical data is always a good start. Map the journey of your customers to understand their needs and experience with your firm.

- Productivity and quality!

How you do, what you think, and why you implemented an idea in that way will never matter to any customer, but the quality of that particular product will definitely matter.

Quality is something which is directly proportional to productivity of your firm. Apart from these, there are more advantages of business agility like a happier workforce, minimal cost, etc.

We know it is important, but the question remains the same how we can achieve that. Here’s your answer -

A Roadmap to Achieve Business Agility-

There are barriers in every path that can discourage your firm in such a way that it becomes really hard to attain a sustainable and agile state.

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The most common reason for this is the complexity of your current environment, which includes structure, hierarchy, standards, and yes, most important norms of your organization.

A few barriers which should never be there in your organization are:

  • Complex environment: One can reach out to anyone in the firm should be the protocol to reduce the hierarchy which goes in your organization and creates hurdles to implementing an idea.
  • Cultural or political barrier: There should neither be any religious discrimination in the firm nor any political rules or things that should occur because it will affect your organization’s productivity.
  • No financial commitments: Fake beliefs always create a hole in your firm. So, try to avoid the fake beliefs related to finance, especially.
  • Outdated apps/tools: Outdated technology will never match customers’ expectations. So, keep yourself updated to achieve what you desire.

Bottom Line

Business agility will definitely give you leverage to stand at the front lane of competition in the long term, all while delivering a wondrous experience to you and your customers.

Happy Reading!!