And COVID-19 Continues to Dominate!

ByKhushi Maheshwari
January 25th . 5 min read

COVID-19, a virus, or disease also if you may call it, came into existence in 2019. It started spreading from Wuhan, China to almost every corner of the world.

From having led to drastic loss of human lives to impacting the economy of the country big time to putting a challenge to public health and food departments too, its impact was huge since it began.

Little did everyone know that the virus would soon become a pandemic and create chaos and havoc worldwide. The pandemic resulted in compelling everyone to stay inside their homes, markets were completely shut except for essential services and in the end, lives had come to a halt.

Looking at it holistically, do you think that the pandemic also changed the way of your living? Well, certainly it did and it still is.

Let’s look at what changes the pandemic brought into our lives-

Impact of Coronavirus in Our Lives-

This pandemic snatched a lot of jobs, lives and the shelters of many too. It had also forced people to starve for food due to the crisis in different countries.

A lot of changes occurred like children forgot to focus on studies due to schools and institutions being closed, the youth had become lazy, spending their entire time on cell phones or laptops merely binge-watching and the financial state of so many people changed from bad to worst, within no time.

Small businesses also suffered huge losses due to COVID, see how!

Pretty sure while you are reading this blog, you would also be having a flashback of the times when the pandemic started. Have you also experienced issues during this whole pandemic (which seems never ending)?

How did we cope up?

Well, everyone from a billionaire to a normal person had suffered during this phase in some or another way. On one side where all were suffering from the crisis; on the other side many people were giving their best by putting their lives at stake just to make our life back to normal-

  • Doctors were trying to find a vaccination for the virus
  • Schools were trying to impart education online so that the students don’t get suffer or face the loss in their studies.
  • Corporates offered work from home to their employees
  • Many NGOs started many programs so that every person in the city can get the food and many more.

After all this struggle, all of us somewhere hoped to get a relief as if everything would be back to normal soon, but did it actually get normal even today?

Will things ever be normal?

Honestly, there seems no permanent cure to the virus and no one is sure whether it is going to end anytime or not, but the busy life of everyone makes us forget about the hazardous conditions.

Even after facing so many hardships during the pandemic, people have tried to move on and keep their lives normal. Somewhere, we have become used to living like this and this seems like the “NEW NORMAL”!

Back in 2021 mid, there was a sigh of relief when suddenly the cases dropped drastically and things were back to basic once again. From weddings being normal to children once again going back to school to office re-opening, things were getting normal. But was this a long term thing really? Probably, NO!

A Look at the Current State-

Once again, COVID has started dominating us with its new variant i.e. Omicron, more hazardous for human lives now. Conditions are once again getting worse day by day.

and-covid-19-continues-to-dominate – 1.jpg

Situations are getting back to the previous phase like-

  • Work from home — Companies have switched back to work from home, after opening their offices for a short while towards the end of 2021.
  • Night Curfew in a few cities — Looking at the increasing cases, government in various cities has imposed night curfew.
  • Online Education — Once again, schools and institutions have switched back to their online classes because taking risk of the students lives by calling them to school during such times is simply HUGE!

How to protect ourselves?

And now we are all wondering, will there be a lockdown once again?

Are we ready to face the new variant of COVID?

Can we protect ourselves better this time?

Let’s have a look at how we can do this or what we can do to escape from going to the state of completely shut down and extreme contingencies-

  • By taking precautions- We are aware of the consequences, symptom sand even the ways of how we can protect ourselves. So, if one is taking the proper precautions, we can save ourselves from the disease.
  • By keeping updates- Lockdown is not needed if we are keeping ourselves updated with the news. We need to take things seriously and the results will be good.
  • By adhering to the rule and guidelines of government — The government is trying its best to bring down a calm in this chaotic situation overall, and we should all we can to support them in stopping this virus from taking a toll on our lives all over again.

Bottom Line-

COVID is dominating, but we can stop COVID to rule over us by fighting with the situation and taking precautions, as we all know — “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

“Stay home, stay safe, eat healthy and let’s not allow COVID to dominate once again”.