Future of Work- Is ‘Work from Home’ going to be the new normal?

ByPayal Mittal
September 18th . 5 min read
Future of Work - Is ‘Work from Home’ going to be the new normal?

Not quite yet! It’s a long way path for WFH to catch up with open office culture, let alone overcome it.

But there is no denying that it is going to be an important part of our work culture from now on.

During these pandemic times, one thing we have learned for certain so far is we can work from home effectively and efficiently, which rules out the need for an office in the future.

There are many companies that have already added new WFH policies for their employees, allowing them to opt for WFH if they wish. It may take a while longer for more and more companies to implement it for long-term operations.

The concept of work we have always believed to be the only one now has another counter option. It is time to envision a grand change in the future of work.

This COVID-time-duration has taught all the business leaders that there is no risk in letting their employees work remotely, in fact, it may augment their productivity.

This blog is about discussing the future of work. So here we go-

Gradual Shift from Open Office Culture to Work-from-Home

It’s been more than 6 months since the Covid-19 pandemic forced us all to cease our outdoor activities and limit ourselves to our homes. In such a case, it was necessary to take extreme measures and every company, whether small or large, switched their businesses online.

What started as a welcome and convenient solution during the crucial and uncertain times of Covid-19 for most of the companies, has quickly turned into a massive global experiment.

It opened a new and very possible alternative for present open office systems in the form of Remote Working.

As you have heard many times that “A crisis leads to new inventions”, the coronavirus pandemic lighted a torch and triggered us to sail to the path of digitization.

Here are some accounts that prove that there is a great chance that WFH can be a part of the new normal in the upcoming years-

  • Amazon has extended its WFH to January 2021, until further notice.
  • Facebook has extended its WFH period to July 2021 and is planning to allow it permanently.
  • Google and Microsoft allowing WFH​ till the end of the year.
  • Salesforce has also given its employees the WFH option for the rest of 2020
  • Twitter saying​ that employees can WFH permanently if they wish.

Let’s check out the reports of several surveys predicting the future of work-

Predictions about WFH Post Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an urgent need to support workers and provides a unique opportunity to assess systems that support work away from the office while enhancing wellbeing. This will have a lasting impact beyond COVID-19.

The predictions regarding the future of work are the results of various surveys and research from the experts given, as under-

  • According to a survey conducted with 317 CFOs and financial leaders in the USA, 74% of them are planning to move their on-site workplace to remote work.
  • One of the biggest factors behind this shift is the huge cost-saving accounted for by WFH and now knowing better, they would implement it to a greater level.
  • The funds that were used in real-estate before will now be invested in the new WFH policies, employees' well-being, and to buy technical and collaboration tools necessary for remote work.
  • Not only the companies but also the employees are finding WFH very beneficial in financial terms, reducing the demand for an open office.
  • The very satisfying fact for those who don’t find WFH exciting is- the open office culture will not be cut off completely. It will become more flexible. The remote working will progress alongside commuting.

Earlier, only a few selected companies were allowing remote work for the employees but, from now on, we will see that it has been adopted by almost every sector.

Pros & Cons of Working from Home

While there are many perks and advantages of remote working, the list of its downsides is not short as well. Let’s have a look-


  • Fewer expenses, more saving
  • Work-time Flexibility
  • Comfortable workspace
  • More time with family
  • Less Stress
  • More independence


  • Various distractions at home
  • Increased Isolation
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Disturbed Work-life balance
  • No office gatherings and festival celebrations
  • Zero Socializing
  • No Work life at all
  • Lack of motivation
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Harder collaboration

A Boon or Bane??

How can we conclude on ourselves whether it’s a bane or boon? It’s all about perceptions.

For me, it’s not exactly a bane or boon but a necessity of the situation. And there are many who will agree with it. It works both ways. It’s a boon for some and a bane for others.

It is an effective solution for some like IT & software, digital marketing, eCommerce, social networking companies, etc. On the other hand, some like BPOs, small businesses, and mini firms are struggling to keep up.

It will be an amazing chance to work staying at home, saving lots of money and time, having real & healthy meals, having your family around all the time, etc.

It is very fine and good for a short time period or on a part-time basis. But the reality hit when it gets extended for a long-term period, working full-time, every day, for months, extending to a few years to forever.

You will get irritated with it after a while. It will kill your activeness and turn you into a lazy person.

This is not something we are looking forward to? Are we now?

Are You Ready for It??


Many will say ‘Yes’. But then, many others will not.

While work from home is going to be a big relief for single mothers, going-to-be mothers, sick person, always-having-health-issue kind of person, married employees, etc. Those who used to commute regularly for long distances and spend what? 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, even more? Well, they will be highly pleased as well.

But others might not like it.

Consider working from home forever!! Your life will shrink to waking up late, lots of eating, working from your desk or bed (oh yes, many people do that though they will not say it), and lots of sleeping, unless, of course, you have that spirit to wake up early even when you’ve time to sleep more.

Well, I’m not fascinated with this idea of staying at home all the time, not at all.

The office gives us an else place to work, connect with people, socialize, make friends, and enjoy the professional life.

So, the best step will be ‘letting them opt for where do they want to work, office, or home?’

Final Words

Now that we have an office space, we are dreaming about having a permanent WFH facility, and when it will be done, we would yearn for these times. It’s human nature. We always want what we don’t have and once we get it, we criticize it and want back what we had earlier.

My point?? Enjoy what you have. It is necessary (and with emphasis on ‘necessary’) to have a separate personal and professional life. Don’t you think? Well, you can tell me what do you think through comments.

Happy Reading!!