How Talent and Technology Helps Solve the Healthcare Industry Challenges

May 6th . 5 min read
How technology helps solve the healthcare industry challenges

The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital revolution, but its legacy systems and infrastructure are struggling to keep pace. This creates a range of problems for both patients and providers like aging systems, leading to fragmented data, communication breakdowns, and security risks.

Explore how modern solutions like EHRs, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure can address these challenges and improve patient care. Let's see through our success stories.

1. Divine Orthopedic Hospital - HIMS: An ERP system for hospitals

About Divine Orthopedic Hospital

Divine Orthopedic Hospital offers a comprehensive range of services, from advanced surgical techniques and non-surgical treatments to personalized rehabilitation programs, all designed to restore your mobility and function.


Healthcare IT faces a multi-pronged challenge: smoother patient flow, doctor/staff efficiency, adapting to new tech, and balancing patient and staff needs. It also requires strong systems for complete health data management, all crucial for optimal care.


  • Implementation of ITDOSE Hospedia, a webbased ERP for Hospitals
  • Modular design for sustained benefits and adaptability to technological changes
  • Patient centric and medical staff centric paradigm
  • Network of computers for efficient data gathering, processing, and retrieval
  • Integrated computerized clinical and financial information system
  • Centralized information system for quick operational and administrative insights


  • Improved hospital administration and patient healthcare & optimized treatment flow
  • Sustained benefits through technological changes
  • Enhanced decision support for hospital authorities
  • Accurate and electronically stored patient medical record
  • Utilization of data warehouse for statistical requirements and research

2. Dr. B.LAL Path Labs - Mobile Applications

About Dr. B.LAL Path Labs

Dr. B. Lal Lab is the leading pathology lab and diagnostic centre established in 1991, Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory offers comprehensive pathology & diagnostic solutions across Rajasthan. They leverage cutting-edge technology and a team of experts to deliver accurate and reliable results to be at the forefront of diagnostic care.


Patients often struggle to access their health records, book appointments, and manage their healthcare expenses efficiently. Traditional methods can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and lack transparency. This can lead to frustration, delays in care, and missed opportunities for preventative health measures.


  • Created a mobile application for patients where they can easily download their reports and book a test.
  • Patients can have on going discount & offers for their health checkup and tests.
  • Created a company's official website too where Patients can login to check their health records, their billing and payment details etc.


  • Narrowed the test booking and report cycle.
  • Human intervention minimized as automated the lead booking and process flow.

B.LAL 1 (1).jpg

3. Remedo - Mobile Application

About Remedo

Remedo is a healthcare-focused digital marketing company dedicated to helping medical professionals attract new patients and grow their practices. They offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to boost a practice's online presence and improve patient engagement.


Traditional healthcare suffers from long appointment waits, limited access for remote patients, inefficient doctor time due to travel and paperwork, and difficulty with follow-up care.


  • Patients can schedule consultations 24/7, eliminating long wait times and phone calls.
  • Patients in remote locations can connect with specialists regardless of geographical limitations.
  • Doctors can dedicate more time to patient care by eliminating travel and streamlining administrative tasks.
  • The application can support secure communication between doctors and patients, enabling effective follow-up care and remote monitoring.


4. Breazy - Mobile Application

About Breazy

Breazy Health is a healthcare technology company dedicated to supporting individuals living with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD.


Many people struggle with scattered health data, missing insights between infrequent doctor visits, generic health advice, and a lack of motivation to track their health effectively.


  • The app can aggregate data from various sources (wearables, medical devices, EHRs) to provide a unified health dashboard.
  • The app allows for real-time or frequent data collection, offering a more comprehensive picture of an individual's health.
  • The app can utilize data to provide personalized recommendations, tailored to individual health goals and trends.
  • Interactive features like goal setting, gamification, and progress tracking can encourage healthy habits and motivate users to stay on track.


5. Denthub - Dental Workflow Webapp

About Denthub

Denthub is a renowned company dedicated to connecting patients with experienced and qualified dentists, ensuring access to quality dental care.


Effective healthcare IT tackles multiple challenges: streamlining patient flow for shorter waits, boosting doctor and staff efficiency, adapting to new tech, and balancing patient and staff needs. It also requires robust systems to gather, process, and retrieve comprehensive health information - all crucial for optimal patient care.


  • Automated Customer registration, Ordering, services & and facility availing, and medicine records.
  • Tracking of their consultation like a communication channel, technician, etc. through chat.
  • Deployed integrated e-service cards, SITHS, and Swedish Bank ID for secure 2-factor authentication of all users.


  • End-to-end process digitalization
  • Data protection for the years as per the guidelines of GDPR

Denthub (1).jpg

By addressing these diverse IT challenges, the healthcare industry can unlock the full potential of technology to improve healthcare delivery, enhance patient engagement, and ultimately transform the future of healthcare.