How small distractions can actually boost your efficiency at the workplace?

ByPayal Mittal
August 12th . 5 min read
How small distractions can actually boost your efficiency at the workplace

Our work culture revolves around a few pre-defined factors like discipline, productivity, output, decorum, efficiency, etc.

We often hear that the office is all about working strictly for 8 to 10 hours a day. But, for how many hours do we actually work??

There is always a little room for walking-in talk, coffee-room talk, whispered conversations, going-to-the-break chat, a few waves of laughter, and giggles.

Most employees find it helpful in a way to throw away their stress and when they return, they work more efficiently.

In a survey, it was found that a common employee remains productive for a maximum of 5 to 6 hours, and the rest of the time dissolves somewhere between these little distractions.

Is it bad?

Not at all.

However, it depends upon perceptions, which vary from person to person and company to company.

While traditional thinking can consider it a bad thing, having its employees decreasing their working hours and thus, productivity. But modern companies agree with this approach that having a little fun at the workplace can have a huge positive impact on one’s productivity.

A little distraction can do a lot better.

Why so?? Let’s check out here -

Daily Dose of Inspiration!


Inspiration is the key to all good work. One always finds inspiration from various sources or things in his surroundings like nature, books, and people.

But when you work in a traditional workspace, you seldom get the chance to admire the beauty of nature, there are no books or magazines as well, all that remains is ‘People’.

So, you need to find your daily dose of inspiration from your colleagues and having coffee together, laughing, and chatting with them is the inspiration that can greatly enhance your mood and distract your mind from something that’s bothering you.

When we’re distracting ourselves through conversing or joking around, it is like filling a void before returning to the work and once that void is filled your only focus remains on your work.

Less but Productive Hours⌚


**_“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

– Henry David Thoreau_**

Being busy does not necessarily mean being productive. Some people act as busy to be acknowledged by his superiors for promotion.

What do you prefer, being working the whole day and get the job done or working for 5 hours effectively and get the job done?? In any case, the job is getting done ultimately.

Another important thing to be highlighted here is when a person is actually busy, he/she avoids all kinds of distractions and focuses only on the work.

Fun Leads to Encouragement!


We are always being said that ‘office is not the place for fun. If you want to have fun, then go home’.

A little fun, talk, or laughter are considered unprofessional behavior in many companies.

Let’s take an example from my experience.

Well, not exactly from my own experience, but some of my friends have told me stories about their workplaces.

One of them said- “The environment at my office is deadly. Like we are in the presence of Professor Snape (I guess, you know him!!) in a classroom, yeah, a complete pin-drop silence.”

Another one said- “I cannot forget this dreadful feeling that whenever any one of us started having a conversation even in whispers, the whole office used to gawk at us like we were caught in some criminal activity.”

This seems to be a little robotic behavior rather than normal human nature.

But, do you ever wonder what an employee would do in such an environment? Being fed up for so long, he would curse such a life and job out of frustration and will probably ‘quit’.

There is another better practical approach -

If you want your employees to stay longer, then give them something worth staying for. They get ‘work’ everywhere but an environment which they love will be the last thing they would want to leave.

Better Teamwork and Collaboration!


Collaboration is a necessity for every organization. A friendly and relaxed environment leads to better communication among employees which further enhances teamwork.

While a junior employee might hesitate before asking something to a senior employee in a traditional workplace, you’ll see more openness in this relaxed atmosphere. This increases friendliness among the team members.

It does not imply that there is no respect for senior designations, it simply means that there is no shyness from reaching out to your superiors and having a clear conversation which in turn builds trust between both sides.

Happy Employees, Happy Workplace 😀!


According to a survey conducted by Andrew Oswald at the University of Warwick in October 2015, a happier individual is 12% to 20% more productive than an average control group.

When you’re in a happy mood, it reflects in your work.

It is said that ‘the best work is when you enjoy it’. This way you don’t have to do the typical ‘job’, you’re just enjoying yourself.

This lightness will motivate everyone at the workplace and make it ‘a healthy environment’ for work as well as health.

Since everyone is happy, you will see that people are not rushing to go home, instead stay longer than usual. It’s not necessarily about having fun, but a relaxed and easy-to-go frame of mind that we find admirable.

This relaxed atmosphere will lead to greater productivity. It creates a learning environment in which people are more willing to learn new things. You’ll see that those silent-ones, who usually kept their distance, are now opening up and sharing their ideas.

Final Words:

Youngsters always lookout for something to invest their potential along with having fun. This way they do their best.

Let me ask you this question, what type of workplace would you prefer?? One where people are working with happy and smiling faces or the one where people are sinking into their laptops, staring at the screen with disgruntled and sad faces?

Thank You for reading!