How to Be a Successful Team Leader?

ByPayal Mittal
September 13th . 5 min read
How to Be a Successful Team Leader

You would have heard it often that “Where a ME may lose, a WE win”. A team consists of multiple talented minds that can deal with any problem. But how to build a TEAM?? Here comes the role of a LEADER.

A leader is the one who transforms a group of people into a team, brings out the best out of their diverse skills and creates an atmosphere of mutual understanding and teamwork. And, it is a daunting task (literally!!).

But how to become an ideal team leader?? This question arises in every new leader’s mind. Here, we have shared some notable qualities of the leaders that you can follow:-

How to be a True Leader??

Leadership is a very delicate form of art. Being a leader, your very first responsibility is to keep your team together. You need to earn their respect because they have no choice other than to follow your orders, do not misunderstand that they want to follow.

You cannot change their mindset but you can surely create an environment where they want to. When they willingly start trusting your decisions and following all your orders, that will be the day when you can toast for your victory.

1- Become an Example!!

The first and foremost rule for the leaders is to ‘Learn to follow’. You can’t become a leading identity just by ordering all around. You will have to contribute to each and every task equally with a positive attitude. Leaders need to set an example before others. For instance, to make your team punctual, improve your timings first.

You must act before others & follow the orders yourself only then they will follow you, with their own will. And then you will win!!

2- Take Responsibility, Not the Credit!!

Stay behind your team at the time of success and be the front-face in case of failure. The best living example of such personality is the one-and-only Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a complete pack of all leadership qualities.

Your team looks towards you to take action in every situation. The best quality you can learn from him is to lead in case of failures and take responsibility for the loss (No matter whose fault it is!!) while leaving the fame and credit to others in case of success.

3- Unite the Diverse Talent!!

A team is a group of people, having different skills, coming together to bring out the revolutionizing outcomes. Firstly, you should help them out to know their potential and encourage them to leave their comfort zone. You should divide the task between the team members according to their skills and they will love it. When people with diverse talents work together, they create wonders!!

4- Communicate Actively!!

Direct and effective communication brings transparency that further helps to gain the team’s confidence over you. Share everything with them, whether good or bad. Hear out the concerns of your team as well. Listen to their ideas and suggestion and give them a chance to ask questions and argue with you.

You need to make sure that each and every member of the team is participating actively in the discussion. Don’t feel embarrassed even if you are proven wrong, in fact, praise them. An important point here to be noted is that you need to show genuine interest and curiosity to their ideas, otherwise you won’t get expected results.

5- Be a Little Empathetic!!

Act like a human, not a robot. You need to be aware of everyone’s downtimes personally. A little empathy and humility build a better understanding. Showing your emotions sometimes like sharing a smile, joking around, going out & having fun with them will cheer them a lot. These small outings have been proven more effective than any team-building exercise.

6- Appreciate the Efforts!!

Avoidance and ignorance always do more harm than the hardcore hate!! A leader needs to recognize and appreciate the efforts of his team when your ultimate boss fails to do so. Give them credit for the mass-success and it will motivate them the most rather than some motivational lecture.

Take their suggestions and feedback on a regular basis and let them know their importance. Listen to everyone’s ideas, reward their hard-work, praise the improvements, respect their vision and sometimes let them take the final call.

7- Be a Leader, Not Boss!!

Don’t act bossy all-around. Yes, strictness is compulsory sometimes, but there is a very fine line between being a boss and being a leader. Your real accomplishments are defined by this very difference. While a boss seeks out for excuses, takes the complete credit and blames the team for failures, a leader chases the solutions, takes the blame for failures and shares the credit with the team. Leadership is all about equality and it applies to you as well.

Don’t consider your authority as the power to control. Authority comes with a huge load of responsibilities, responsibility to lead, to face the failures, to keep everyone satisfied, to take the right decisions, etc.


A team leader should have a positive attitude to understand his/her team members. You have to accept your flaws as well and keep working consistently to improve them.

Hope you found this blog useful. I am sure, these points will help you become an inspiring and successful leader. Keep connected with us for more similar blogs.