Is it Time to Choose a Different Career Path of Your Calling?

ByPayal Mittal
October 30th . 5 min read
Is it Time to Choose a Different Career Path of Your Calling?

Living a life lacking spark and going through that same pointless routine over and over is like stuck in a deep hole with nowhere to go. How long have you been tailing behind such an unsatisfying profession that you do not particularly enjoy? In fact, you probably condemn it.

It is the worst feeling- free but trapped at the same time. Well, you can find satisfaction in the fact that you’re not alone. Not even closer.

Wouldn’t it be better to pursue a career where you feel right at home, which you are made for, where you enjoy working and lose track of time, and are happy to be overloaded rather than one where you look at your watch every few hours, which gives you no purpose other than making money.

If you’re having this kind of thought, it’s time for you to think about changing your career. It will be tough though, as you will have to step out of your secure job but to gain something, you need to lose something. It’s the bitter truth.

In this blog, we will check out what is calling, how to find your calling, and if you should pursue it as a career. Well then, let’s get going-

What is ‘Calling’??

Huhh…!! So simple question yet, so difficult to answer.

The word ‘Calling’ is quite appealing, isn’t it? That’s why we become fascinated by it and start having goosebumps as soon as we think about it.

We are always surrounded by two kinds of choices, one that we want to make and the second that we need to make, and these are two very ‘very’ distinct circumstances.

It is as simple as this- you need money to support your family, to pay your expenses, to earn a better future, etc. thus, you take a job. Sometimes, this job is from your own choosing and at others, just another way to earn money. It is one of those ‘needed’ kinds of things.

The things we want to do and able to do become our Calling or so it is said. The concept of calling can be understood by considering these three terms-

  • Job: A job is a means for money and security. The people who consider their work as a job are only looking for a paycheck, and after done for the day, they wrap up quickly to enjoy their remaining day.
  • Career: Another kind of people consider their work as a career. Well, a career is the mark of one’s achievements and development. It is something they were preparing for and now proud to be pursuing it, at last. Though they are also working for the paycheck but with the genuine consideration of advancement in their efforts.
  • Calling: Then, there comes this third kind of people who consider their work as their ‘calling’. A calling is the means of purpose and joy. It enhances the spark within you. These people are doing what they love doing and want to be defined by it only. They not only enjoy their job but also feel it deep inside with supreme enthusiasm.

The work in which you find purpose, which you don’t want to quit, which is your identity, in which you wish never to be retired because then you’re afraid that you’ll lose your very identity — is your Calling.

It’s like a strong impulse driving you onward to take a specific course of action toward a particular vocation.

Mind it, your passion is not your calling. Not always, at least.

Let’s suppose, you are really crazy about writing, but you can’t turn it into your practical work because you don’t have the required skills. It’s just a frantic chase that will end nowhere.

So, you see? Though writing was your passion but not your calling and if you have pursued this career you would have ended up trapped within an unknown territory, regretting it.

Talking about writing, let’s check out why every developer should write every now and then-

It’s Time of Choosing!

It’s been long enough since you have been living this monotonous life, now it’s time for you to move on and find a meaningful path. A path that is right for you and will fill your days with colors.

Do not worry that the time is long gone for this change and now you should adjust to things as they are. Anyone can start at any time if only he is determined enough. You can never be too late to do what you want.

There are basically two main options available for you-

  • Stay at your current job: If you choose this, then there are several things you can do to make it your calling.

First of all, you can change your outlook on your present status. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can take it as a challenge and make efforts to turn your present job into an excited one. You can change your working tactics and start focusing on your integral responsibilities. It will induce a new sense of purpose in you.

  • Find your calling: This is another obvious option where you choose a different career path that is suitable as per your calling.

In this case, you might stumble upon the issue of being unaware of your calling. Well, don’t get disappointed. I have just the right answer for that, or maybe the right question. Let’s get going-

How to Find Your Calling?

Some people find their calling at a very young age, some at their retirement, some in-between, and there are some in abundant numbers who spend their whole lives and never find it in their entire lifetime.

It’s not like someone else going to tell you what you should do, the voice within you is all you need. Hear it, heed to it, and work toward it.

Now, here are the right questions you need to ask yourself, and then, you might get your answers to find just the right job for you.

  • Let’s suppose, money is not an issue- now think about the things you will want to do. What career will you choose then?
  • Replay the flashbacks of your entire life and choose the moments when you were most excited and energized. Now, find out what things made you that excited?
  • Analyze yourself and write down your skills and talents. Which of these skills have enough potential to make your everyday colorful your entire life?

I’m quite sure that one of these questions will finish off your pursuit.

When you, at last, find your calling, the days become more complete, fulfilling, you would work the whole day without a break and it wouldn’t matter, you would still be glowing with that spark of contentment.

Sum Up -

There are people who are doing jobs other than they want to. We all make sacrifices. Many of us wanted to become a chef, dancer, writer, scholar, choreographer, etc., etc. but had to give up our dreams. The reason can be many, it might be a financial issue, uncertainty of future, unsupportive parents, lack of resources, and likewise.

But now that you are self-dependent, you can choose for yourself and prepare a roadmap for your career. Make sure to make good choices that can last for a lifetime.

Hope you find this blog interesting and insightful.