9 Keys to A Successful Business

ByPayal Mittal
August 1st . 5 min read
9 Keys to A Successful Business

The world of business is a bit mysterious, as at every stage of the business- from the very start-up to the building of an empire- one cannot feel sure about its consistency. Starting a business is tough, but ensuring its success is far more difficult. It is your vision and state-of-mind that will determine the future of your business.

According to you, what factors specify that a particular business setup will succeed or not? The answer is very simple, only one thing- Customers!! Next comes the Profit. So, the ultimate challenge is to create an audience. More the customers, higher the revenue-growth!! This journey from ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ is overwhelmingly hard but not impossible.

Here, I am providing ‘9 Important Keys to Make Your Business Successful’-

1- Know Your Audience/ Customers

Consistency is the ultimate goal that every businessman is working hard to attain. “Focus on customers more than the profit itself and the profit will be all yours.” This is the ‘Key Mantra’ to heighten your business. If you can create an audience for your product, you have already won the half-battle.


Once you get a customer base, you need to understand them, what do they want and how can your products benefit them and ease their lives. A business can only be sustained if its clients and customers are satisfied with its services. You should deliver the services which will meet their needs, that too, in a cost-effective manner.

2- Quality at Fair Price

Quality is the factor that standardizes a business in the market. But what if this quality is provided at a reasonable price?? It sounds like a perfect deal. This combination can raise your sales by multiple times. Quality ensures that the customer take interest in your product but the price is what decides the traffic of customers.


If your product is new in the market then you need to present various aspects to the customers regarding its quality and need in their life, which may take some time. The better and safe approach is to modify the already-accepted product, add some unique and high-quality features, lower the price and see the magic.

3- Enhance Your Marketing Efforts


Convincing a customer is a tough task. The sales of your products or services considerably depend upon how effective your marketing strategies are. You have to reach the platform where you can easily connect to the customers. If your direct marketing tactics are not working then you should take an indirect approach which includes digital marketing and SEO.

4- Keep Analyzing Your Competitors

Keeping a track of your competitor’s activity is not a sign of weakness but a smart move of winners. The market is way similar to a battlefield. In ancient times, rulers fought to get a hold on the common-people while in this battle, companies compete to get hold of the customers.


Think and plan about ‘how can you provide better deals than others?’ and then start working on it.

5- Trending & Demanding Products

The success of a business setup solely relies upon the customers. The services or products provided by the company should be demanding throughout the global population. Keep studying the market and point out the most trending & demanding products in a list. Now, go through the list and check out that if you can provide a modified version of any of these products. If yes, then it will be like ‘Bull’s Eye’ for your business growth.

6- Improve Your Customer Services


Customer Services are the front-face of every business which shows its originality. If your customer-support-end is not quick-responsive and functional, it will affect your business to a great extent. You should be focused upon providing better services to your customers so that they will look forward to you next time instead of your competition. If you can keep your customers happy and satisfied, it will be a truly great achievement.

7- Strengthen Your SEO & Digital Marketing Side

Digital Marketing is the scenario which can bring a start-up to an extraordinary level, that too, in a short span of time. If you can place yourself on the first page of Google Search, well it will be a win-win situation for your business.


If your business is completely online then you should work towards its Search Engine Optimization. Create your business pages on various social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., respond to the customer’s inquiries and post regular updates there. It will channelize the users to your website which will further improve your google ranking and eventually enhance the sales.

8- Be Ready to Take Estimated Risk

People consider the business as a synonym of risk and it truly is. One cannot be certain in his/her business because of many restricting factors such as Cash Flow and Stock Market. If your business provides IT services then the limitation is clients and projects. At a time, you have tens of projects and at another moment, nothing. But you have to take that much risk. It doesn’t mean that you should close your eyes and walk on the cliff, but you should be ready to take estimated risks.

9- Team-Work & Collaboration


Team-work leads towards brilliance. A proficient team enhances the efficiency and productivity of a business. When you would be failing, your talented and trustworthy team will be there to share your burden. A single ‘I’ cannot manage the whole business and its employees; you need a strong team to work together with genuine collaboration to achieve a common goal. When a solo mind fails, the team-effort wins.