Mastering the essence of “Productivity”

ByJayshree Mathur
May 26th . 5 min read
Mastering the essence of “Productivity”

“It’s not always that we need to do more, but rather that we need to focus on less.”

Sounds absurd, right?

To your surprise, you read it right! Less is more, is the new perspective to incline towards nowadays.

Imagine making a to-do list and completing it the same day, simultaneously knowing that you were at the peak of your creativity, this is the day when you know you are most creative and productive.

People usually look out for correct formulas to become productive with a snap of the fingers, but it cannot be possible as a specific formula for productivity doesn’t exist.

There is no exact set of words to describe what actually is the procedure of productivity or how it can be achieved. Every individual may have a different definition of productivity or a different perception of the same.

But there are a certain set of tips that may help you sort out such productivity concerns. Let’s see what these go-to tips are-

How to Improve Your Productivity?

Most of the time, all we want to know is how to increase productivity and how to improve our workflow, but during that moment we kind of forget the time management strategies and how important they are in this procedure of being productive.

Researchers in the past have noticed that productivity can be cultivated through meaningful elements of a larger goal, better mental energy, a sense of motivation, and alertness.

With this in mind, let’s find out some best tips & tricks to help improve your productivity starting today!

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Although it’s no rocket science, by any stretch of the imagination it does require some effective points to make the most of your day and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s get going then-

- Eat a frog!

It means, whenever you’re feeling best, do your most demanding task at that time.

All the productivity experts advise you to do all your tasks right in the morning that are creatively demanding and require your utmost focus. Doesn’t matter what that is, if it makes you feel better for a day, do that right in the morning.

- Prepare a to-do list!

As ignorable and small as this task it may sound to be, it is more important than any other process out there.

They are the most invaluable productivity aids, whether daily or weekly or monthly, always plan ahead to feel more in control of yourself. It will not only be helpful for your own clarity, but will also add value and effectiveness to your schedule.

- Be Proactive, Not reactive!

Being reactive — which is an element of revealing emotions at workplace — is one of the very essential implications of a human being, but it generally has some faults.

Corporates want you to be proactive. To be the “Doer” and get things done. In short, being proactive is just the same thing but with one big difference — you do the “reacting” ahead of time.

- Eliminate Distraction!

To be productive, you need to shut down your noise and shoo them away.

Eliminate them entirely or give them a specific time, may be X number of minutes, only after you accomplish a major task.

- Be Optimistic!

It is true when they say — “Happy people are more productive.”

A study of optimism and performance at Maastricht University shows that people who are more optimistic or always expect a good outcome are generally shown to have more bonuses and achieved more in professional life.

- Record, Reset & Review!

The three R’s- whenever you have any idea, “Record” them down so that they can be stored and revisited whenever necessary.

It is perfectly okay to have “just one of those days”. In that case, remember to take some time alone to reset and recharge yourself. And at last, always review whatever you’ve done.

Process & optimize your productivity by reviewing your work at the end of every week or maybe at the end of every month as you find suitable.

- Prioritize!

This point is very similar to making a to-do list, or rather this is more like updating your to-do list by prioritizing what tasks are lengthy enough to demand more attention at first.

You can use “Eisenhower Box” to divide your tasks into four different possibilities. According to his decision matrix, there are four ways in which you can organize your tasks, which are:

  • Urgent & Important: Tasks you’ll do immediately
  • Important but not Urgent: Tasks you will do later
  • Urgent but not important: Tasks that you’ll delegate to someone else
  • Neither urgent nor important: Tasks that you’ll eliminate

Dwight Eisenhower’s this decision matrix will help you organize your tasks in a better manner.

- Minimize Distractions, but Take Breaks!

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To give a rise in productivity, it is essential to minimize as many distractions as you can.

All those things that cause interruptions produce a change in work pattern & a drop in productivity. But as important as it is to minimize distractions, it is very important to take breaks in order to achieve your potential because even small breaks can boost up your efficiency.

It keeps you stay focused & motivated, and a productive break should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to return to your desk with a renewed focus.

However, the longer you choose to break for, making sure to use the time for something different.

- Stop Striving for perfection!

The race to perfection is the fastest route to unhappiness.

Perfection is an illusion, it doesn’t have any specific set of definitions for everyone, so it can differ for everyone and hence you can exempt yourself from this race to increase your productivity.

Instead of striving for perfection, focus on completing the task first to the best of your ability.

- Reward yourself!

As a firm believer in acknowledging every little effort and celebrating achievements, we feel that every time you complete a task, reward yourself with a little something to boost your motivation.

It’ll help you in completing all your commitments with extra enthusiasm.

Bottom Line

All in all — It is very easy to take up a task, but what’s more important is to be productive and creative enough to complete that task in the most optimum manner.

Always remember, “Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse. It is all about priorities, planning, and protecting your time.”

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