Metaverse- Technology that will create Future

ByAbhimanyu Paliwal
July 12th . 5 min read
Metaverse- Technology that will create Future

Technology is tremendously changing the lives of people and fluctuating them between reality, social media, and virtual reality which is set to come shortly.

Our world is constantly moving forward with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the Web 3.0 (Next Generation Internet) which are making our lives easy as well as advancing them beyond our thinking.

And the most important technique which can set the bar high and will change our lives forever is Metaverse.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on virtual reality, augmented reality, and video where users “live” within a digital universe.

Under this 3D world of Metaverse, you can walk around as an avatar, interact with other avatars and perform various activities like buying and selling virtual stuff, going to work, forming communities, playing games, etc.

It is so futuristic that it can transform the internet into a single, universal and immersive virtual world but the main question that arises here is-

Why Metaverse?

As technology is rising in various fields like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, AI & Blockchain, people see the internet with a unique approach to having everything in one place. It makes us see our life with a whole new perspective of being with various technologies and everything in the virtual format.

As exciting and thrilling as this might sound there is still some doubt as to how are we going to adopt this as our routine life. Will it change our lives for good or we’ll struggle to balance ourselves in that advancing life?

And this led us to another question -

What will be the life on Virtual Earth?

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This is the world of Web 2.0 and in this era, we have already started enjoying our life on social platforms, now the only difference will be that this social life will be converted into virtual life in MetaVerse.

How are we going to live it?

Let’s understand how Mark Zuckerburg has introduced the meta horizon.

Now after knowing so much about Metaverse, let’s move toward its components or components that make it whole -

- Virtual World (Horizon)

A virtual world (also considered virtual space) is a computer-simulated environment. This space is populated by many users who can create a personal avatar, independently explore the virtual world, participate in its activities, and easily communicate with others.

These avatars will be textual, graphical representations, or live video avatars with auditory and touch sensations.

- What is an Avatar?

In Metaverse, an Avatar in virtual reality is an interactive character in virtual worlds, that are customized by the user. These avatars can walk within the computerized landscape, and explore the virtual world.

Avatars can be moved by the users with the help of their keyboard and mouse. Virtual world avatars also have access to the objects such as tools, weapons, clothing, vehicles, virtual currency, etc.

Another big question for our human society is that-

Are we or our systems ready to adopt Meta?

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Let us give you an idea, we’re living at the edge of technology where we are already into multiple social platforms and enjoy games with cool graphics.

Also, multiple technologies like blockchain, and AI achieved their height. Now several companies are developing VR Glasses and Meta (previously Known as Facebook) also provides some open-source systems and devices so any developer can develop any kind of system and avatars or AI Systems that can give a wide range of users to interact in Metaverse.

So, are you excited to be a part of it?

Now, what technology makes Meta-Verse a reality?

As we have already discussed above there are multiple technologies that are helping the metaverse to be a reality, so let’s discuss them one by one.

- Extended Reality

This is a term referring to all real-and-virtual combined environments and human-machine interactions generated by computer technology and wearable, where the ‘X’ represents a variable for any current or future spatial computing technologies.

For example, It includes representative forms such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR)and the areas interpolated among them. The levels of virtuality range from partially sensory inputs to immersive virtuality also called VR.

- 3D Reconstruction

The process by which an object is re-created within the virtual or three-dimensional space using the computer. It involves the use of input data such as two-dimensional photographs or scanning of the actual object. It can be done by the Active and passive methods.

Active reconstruction involves interference between the object being reconstructed and a sensor like scanning an object or taking its photograph. Whereas, passive reconstruction doesn’t involve any kind of interference with the object. Data is received using the sensor.

- Internet of Everything

IoT is the connections of people, processes, data, and things that combine into a common system aiming to improve experiences and make smarter decisions.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) describes a world in which billions of objects have sensors to detect, measure, and assess their status. All are connected over public or private networks using standard and proprietary protocols.

- Digital Humans

Welcome to the World of Digital Humans!

A Digital Human is an avatar that can produce a whole range of human body language. Backed by artificial intelligence that can interpret client’s input and give back to them not just the facts they need but the appropriate non-verbal response as well.

It refers to the branch of computer science concerning building smart machines that are capable of performing tasks that required human intelligence. It helps computers and machines to understand the decision-making capabilities of the human mind or to resolve problems. These are the systems that act and think like humans.

- Blockchain

A blockchain is a distributed database that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in digital format.

Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions.

- VR Glasses and Headsets

A virtual reality headset is a head-mounted device that provides virtual reality for the wearer. Virtual reality (VR) headsets are widely used with video games but they are also used in other applications, including simulators and trainers.

They comprise a stereoscopic head-mounted display (providing separate images for each eye), stereo sound, and head-motion-tracking sensors, which may include devices such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, or structured light systems.

The future of coding or technology will be approaching soon enough.


All in all, Metaverse can be and will be an exciting journey toward the unrealistic future but it is going to be the most advanced innovation the human species will experience. All we need to learn is how to set our pace in parallel to these advancements and how not to be lost in them.

Because as Jacque Fresco said,

“The intelligent use of science and technology are the tools with which one can achieve a new direction.”

Happy Reading!