Top 10 habits to abstain from at workplace!

ByJayshree Mathur
March 16th . 5 min read
Top 10 habits to abstain from at workplace

Work Ethics — sounds simple and clear, yet it has the most important role when we talk about workplace culture.

It is something that can help you grow at workplace, all the while strengthening your orientation and mindset.

Work ethics not only increase our productivity, but it also increases our conduct and demeanor at workplace and make it easy for everyone to remain laden with moral language.

It increases productivity, makes your work coated with the best distinctive value and also gives a power structure to your personality.

Concentrating more on work ethic is the new business of life. We should learn how to spend the least amount of energy to get the most benefit, as well as how can we continue keeping the conduct of our workplace should be something that everyone must ponder upon.

Let’s see, what are those habits we should avoid at the workplace -

Habits That Can Harm Your Image at Workplace-

Looking at the contemporary situation, we were at the comfort of our homes, which resulted in schedule, performance and deportment of our own will. Though it was in our favor to provide some easement in an already chaotic world, but it resulted in twisted living.

Now, as offices have re-opened, we sort of took our comportment easy, which should not happen by the way.

As much important it is to keep yourself up to date with all the profile related work to excel in your professional life, it is also pivotal to keep yourself best at your manners and forms.

Broadly speaking, be it a cabin-cubical work culture or open workspaces, it is always good to behave well in a concerted environment.

To wallow in seamlessly with this practice, it is required to abstain from some habits at workplace-

- Being Unhygienic!

Looking at the current scenario, it is essential to understand the difference between your workplace and your home. Do not indulge in things that show how much you ill-treat yourself.

Make sure to stay clean, turn up to work in clean clothes, bath daily and present yourself nice. You may not be a cleanliness freak, but this is the least you can do, both as a courtesy to your colleagues and also to yourself.

- Keeping Your Things Everywhere!

Everyone understands that you might have a lot of documents, stationary, books, files and maybe other significant things too, that you need to store at the office, but always make sure to store them properly and stack them nicely in a corner of your desk.

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If you are provided with any storage space, cupboards, or drawers, make sure to use that space to its fullest. This will not only prevent them from getting exchanged to anyone else, but also will give you a sense of open space.

You might not believe this, but it will have very impressive effects on your productivity as well as the way you think about things.

According to human psychology, the more open space is there in and on your workspace, the better and wider your thinking plane is. It helps you in thinking more open and vast about solutions.

- Eating at Your Desk!

While it is very uncommon at some places to eat at your own desk, it is very common at the others.

However, according to best practices, you should avoid eating at your desk. Not only from the professional point of view but also dignity wise, it is very unethical to eat at your desk.

Some people might not approach you because of work ethics, but it will surely affect them and as it will not be possible for you to offer everyone.

- Volunteering all the time!

Going above and beyond the regular call of duty might be a good method to wiggle your way in the good grace of your higher authorities, but it has its own disadvantages.

Every-time you pick up other people’s slack or be available out of your time zone, you’ll risk yourself having others take advantage of, but you’ll stretch yourself too thin which will impact your performance.

It is general to engage in some mild nonwork talks in between, but you should always keep in mind to not bring politics into your conversations.

Not only it degrades the level of your talks, but also conveys wrong messages about your conversational liking.

Politics at the workplace usually leads to heated arguments, discussions which tend to spread hatred, and create an atmosphere of animosity. It can also strain your relationships with your co-workers, resulting in a negative image of yours.

- Spreading Rumors!

While it is a human tendency to indulge in gossip now and then, you should restrain yourself from doing it at your workplace.

Gossiping and spicing conversations up can lead to the birth of rumors, and that might not be good for you. Under wrong circumstances and misunderstandings, you can end up with serious violations on your hands.

It will not only taint your image, but can also lead to serious restrictive issues.

So, in case you need to blow off some steam about anything that happened to you at your workplace, or you really need to get something out of your system, find someone with an open ear and open mind and always do those conversations outside your workplace.

Always remember — WALLS HAVE EARS TOO!

- Complaining too much!

It is certainly alright to express your displeasure about the work situations, management of things, scenarios being handled once in a while, however, one must exempt getting into a routine of this.

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If you grip at your co-workers on a consistent basis, you should better change your ways.

Nobody likes a complainer, and the more you gossip or say negative about things, the more are the chances of saying something out loud that could get you into trouble.

While it creates a very negative image of you in front of everybody, which they might not say it to your face, they will surely keep it in their mind, it also makes your bond with everybody shabby.

- Stealing coworker’s food!

This should be something that you should understand without someone saying it to you out loud. Out of all the workplace sins to commit, this can be the most serious one.

Despite being too needy and hungry and no matter what, if there’s a community pantry at your workplace — do not lay eyes on other people’s food. No matter how swamped you are to grab a sandwich, keep your hands off other people’s grub.

- Saying or doing things people really don’t want to hear or see!

There is something which is known as “Too much information”, which you should always keep in mind at your workplace.

You might be the one who likes to socialize at work, but there’s a common sense line you shouldn’t cross, including anything to do with your political leanings, finances, holistic cures for mysterious ailments, in short anything that nobody should hear or see.

- Making commitments you can’t keep!

The more straightforward and genuine you are, the smoother your career — and your life, for that matter — will go.

Do what you say you’re going to do, do not do commitments that you cannot keep, or you cannot extend. Keep your credibility with yourself.

It will not only save you from last minute hustles, but will also save you from keeping your time management up to date.

Bottom Line

Doesn’t matter if you are an otherwise star employee, you should always keep aforesaid points in mind to save yourself from further embarrassment and also as they say it is always good to be in your boundaries to get respect and be respected in any form.

Always keep in mind -

“ The idea of respect is more than just being polite, and good conduct arises out of good doctrine.”