What Makes Linux a Better Choice of Operating System than Windows?

ByKhushi Maheshwari
March 23rd . 5 min read
What Makes Linux a Better Choice of Operating System than Windows?

Just like macOS and Windows, Linux is also an operating system that was previously used by servers but now as it is much upgraded by the developers it is also used by most of the developers.

Are you a developer and still confused why Linux is better?

Well, this blog will surely address all your queries and provide you with the answers that you’ve been looking for!

Linux provides several options to the developers which make it easy for them to use and even degrades their issues and complexity.

Even short research proves that usage of Linux is increased at a very good pace in a few years and the reason for this is its features.

Best of all, it has proved itself to be a great choice of the operating system, especially for developers. Let’s see how-

Why Linux is a better OS for developers?

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To have a clear picture, let’s have a look at how Linux is more reliable to use for a developer-

- Reliable and Secure

Linux is developed with higher security aspects so that the programmers can easily secure their desktop from being affected by malware or any kind of virus attack.

Even if you want to change something in the system design you require permissions from the user logged in as the root, i.e. Linux administrator.

- Customization options are available

Customization is a sort of modification that an individual prefers to apply either to software or other entities attached to the hardware.

Linux provides various customization options to the users so that they can optimize as per the complexity of computing environments.

Not only optimization but it also has an option of tweaking the desktop utilities, adding newer fonts and icons, and so on.

- Open Source

Open-Source means that anyone reviewing the source code may modify, inspect, or enhance it without any restrictions on its original rights.

This feature of Linux saves the money of developers as they do not need to buy licenses and various types of software.

It even offers commendable community support through various forums over the Internet which have enabled Q&A sessions that encourage discussions over various topics like kernel, shell, etc.

It also allows users to use various open-source tools such as Wine to allow Windows applications to run.

- Easy to install

The process of installing Linux on your desktop is quite a straightforward method. The one who does not have any idea of how it can be installed can also find it easy to install and grasp things.

One advantage which it provides is the dual boot option which means you can run Windows and Linux or any other operating system of choice.

- Automatic Updates

Linux users need not worry about the latest updates and even they can control or manage their updates. It saves the users from frustration they feel by getting any number of update interruptions and rebooting pop-ups.

Even the installation takes very less time as compared to Windows which ultimately saves time for a developer.

- Ability to write Bash Scripts

Another form of shell scripts incorporated by a variety of commands for executing various tasks in a Linux-based environment.

These tasks may include managing the mailing lists, removing duplicates, or adding accurate formatting whose results other programs can read. Bash scripts understand the behavior and needs of users and map them efficiently on the live terminal of Linux.

This is time-saving as the script is easy to use and finding errors is quite easy at the time of debugging.

There are many more features that make it easy for developers to use and work with Linux that you can easily search through Google.

Moving forward, we’ll see the benefits of Linux in general terms-

Common Benefits of Linux-

Linux has its own advantages which not only help the developers but it is also useful for the people who want to be in this field and practice coding.

You can have a look at why it is better for beginners too -

  • The advantages and power of the terminal are still maintained by Linux as the developers loved to use it and it is also one of the core components.
  • Command-line has its own utilities which help a developer to develop things fast, automate and help in doing the repetitive tasks very easily.

Basic Linux Commands!

Besides these pros, there are many Linux commands that developers really enjoy while using. Some of them are:

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  • Copy Command — It is a utility command that helps the developers to replicate the file or any directory in the required ecosystem. This ecosystem could be OS Unix, Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Head Command — It is a useful command as it allows users to print the first 10 lines of any file or output of any files.
  • Man Command — We use it for displaying the whole manual page of a respective command.
  • History Command — We use it to get the list of old commands that were activated in the same terminal.
  • Rm Command — We use it to remove or delete files and directories.

Check more simple commands here to make your life easier.

Not only these there are many more commands which really help the developers to grow fast.

So, if you are a developer or a beginner you can start from today only to work with Linux and manage your tasks easily.

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