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Project Summary

Every industry needs to integrate innovative and advanced technology solutions to modernize businesses. And the Food & beverage sector is no exception.

With a requirement to build an ERP platform for better internal operation management and smooth running of the restaurants, Cafés, and Bars alike businesses, we developed a centralized platform that offers solutions for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B&C) operations.

Technology Used

  • React Native
  • React.js
  • Node.js
  • MobX
  • Realm
  • Redux
  • Material UI
  • MySQL


  • This ERP platform is a SaaS-based solution that covers the entire order process and related scenarios for both the business and the customer’s end. Some common use cases of the ERP software are stated here-

  • The Point of Sale (POS) System is provided within the platform which automates the entire ordering process, from digital menu management to table management, automated transaction process to instant receipt printing, compatibility with cash registers and tax mechanisms, virtualized order details to instruct the kitchen staff, and much more.

  • Check daily, monthly, or other periodic statistical analytics about your business sales, revenue reports, inventory details, etc.

  • Customers can place delivery orders by contacting the restaurant whether they’re at the home, workplace, or anywhere else. The restaurant staff receives the order, whereas the application enables them to identify the customers from their previous orders and provides access to their complete information to hasten the delivery process.

  • Integration of the POS software with most of the online payment platforms and many popular food delivery companies to provide a centralized hub that manages everything in one place, thereby ensuring the effortless functioning of your restaurant business.

  • The software enables automatic updating and listing of orders into pending, departed, and delivered categories so that you can track the order status in real-time. You can also check out the geographical map display which indicates all the orders spread throughout the city as per their location.


  • The all-in-one solution is the integrated form of many modules, each offering different functionalities, such as a POS (Point of Sale) system, remote management, order consolidation features, employee management platform, wireless ordering, and many more.

  • The number of modules available here is too many to count. Restaurants, cafés, and other F&B businesses can opt-out of the modules as per their requirements.

  • The POS (Point of Sale) service is designed to streamline business operations in smart ways and enhance the dine-in experience for the customers.

  • The customers can reserve the spot directly from their devices. The process includes choosing your favorite restaurant, scanning the given QR Code, browsing the digital menu, and sending quick orders from your mobile device anytime and anywhere.

  • Customers can opt for online delivery, the order details get automatically updated through the application. The restaurant team then classifies the service zones and carries out the delivery process.

  • Whenever a customer places an online order, the order details get automatically updated in the application. The restaurant team then classifies the service zones and carries out the delivery process.

“The ERP management system simplifies the entire business process to a great extent, releases you from the chaotic and hectic routine, and gives you extra time to provide the best possible services to the customer.”

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