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Examsbook Web

Examsbook Web White-label e-Learning Module

Project Summary

The object of the project was to integrate educational institutes with advanced tech solutions for better business opportunities.

This is a customized learning management system that drives businesses going digital by connecting education, technology, content, and support together.

Technology Used

  • Nodejs
  • Angular
  • React
  • React-native


  • The e-Learning platform provides you with everything you need to maintain the online test portal for your coaching institute.
  • While we understand that you have faced many hurdles in establishing your brand name, our initiative is all about helping you sustain, expand and monetize your business through digital means.
  • It aims to provide Ed-tech businesses with a centralized platform that will manage every aspect of your business front and showcase your data and operational developments to your potential users.

It leverages technology to create new heights in the educational sector -

  • Get your business online
  • Earn more by providing better content solutions
  • Drive more traffic to your coaching institute as well as your website
  • Live discussion between faculty and students
  • Integration with advanced educational tools and platforms


  • Capture bio-signatures for identity verification to facilitate a flawless registration process for every new member joining your Online Coaching Institute.

  • Home to all your educational material, tools, and newly prepared test series solutions that any registered member can access and utilize from their devices.

  • One-to-one open communication channel to freely engage with the faculties of the institute as well as the support panel for any internal system-related queries in real-time.

  • It’s got everything covered to fulfill all your content-related requirements, including test series solutions, mock paper modules, etc.

  • The White Label Learning Platform integrates all educational tools, modules, and solutions together, making it easy for students to access and enroll in any specific program and providing them with an integrated learning experience.

  • The Online Proctoring Platform comes with customizable features where you can avail personalized experience and pay only for selected services.

  • Take live tests that mimic the real-time examination precisely in terms of time, question paper, difficulty standard, and applied restrictions to prepare your students for the final battle.

  • Get detailed report cards depicting your performance throughout every module, test series solution, and live tests to give you a collective review of your potential progress.

Examsbook is a complete digital package that tailors through your customized requirements and automates all aspects of the digital learning process, all the while bringing more income to your business.

In short, it provides an efficient, fully-fledged, dynamic, customizable, and all-in-one e-learning management solution that consists of an admin portal, a student portal, and a support portal.

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