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Enable Strategic Mobility within Business Operations

Project Summary

Without a digital platform, it is evidently challenging for a company to provide a common ground for customers and companies dealing with repairs, maintenance, and household services needs.

To enable seamless and efficient management of regular operations and services among the parties involved, we designed and developed a mobile application following the necessary protocols.

Technology Used

  • React Native
  • Wordpress
  • Emulator
  • VS Code


  • Leveraging the aggregated intelligence of our team in diverse fields and sophisticated use of cutting-edge technologies, we built a mobile platform that can be categorized into three panels-

  • Service Provider Panel for the use of service provider companies. Once the dealing companies get them registered on the application, they can maintain a healthy business profile, get huge traffic of online customers, and build an online presence without having to build their own application. The platform enables companies to get online bookings for their services, keep track of the activities of their employees on the job, and get regular status updates.

  • In order to be able to use the mobile app, the customers need to register through a simple signup process in the Customer Panel. Once they are signed up members, they can explore the platform, track the status of their booking, send their reviews and ratings of the experience, filter out the search results as per their preferences, and connect with the service provider’s customer care team.

  • The Admin Panel, also known as the dashboard, shows the overall analytical data for the businesses about the total number of users that engaged in a particular time period, total service bookings and status-wise sorting of these bookings, updated business reports, regular stats & analytics, account health performance, etc. It enables the service providers to add more functional categories to their pages.


  • The app maintains the business profiles of all service provider companies, and customers can reach out to them to book their services. It bridges the gap between them and provides a common platform where they can interact with one another.

  • Customers are the users who are in the need of any repair or maintenance work, such as AC repair, cleaning services, car servicing, painting services, etc., whereas the service providers are the entities that trade in such services.

  • It is a centralized hub where all the local vendors can register, and the customers can opt for any vendor, they find most beneficial.

  • The vast functionalities of the platform include managing the booking details, maintaining booking history, getting revenue updates, updating price, automated payment-related facilities, and a chat platform to directly connect with the customers.

  • Customers can track the status of their booking, send their reviews and ratings of the experience, and connect with the service provider’s customer care team directly on chat or phone call. They are also provided with multiple options to make the payment.

  • It ensures an excellent user experience by facilitating better coordination among the customers and vendors and automating the business operations.

“The customer-centric culture and amazing service experience delivered by the vendors serves the customers well and provides them with a smart platform to call for services whenever required. On the other hand, the platform helps service providers in driving online customer traffic to them, improving SEO, and brand building.

This mobile application is like any other online shopping platform, except for the fact that the trade is being done for services rather than materialistic things.”

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