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Smart Desk

Up-gradation of the productive environment through Smart Desk

Project Summary

The basic problem for an organization whilst letting people work from the office is to know the total productive time of their employees. They might want to know the time they spent at their desk, and the time they are away from their desk to organize the schedule throughout the day, and also to increase the productivity of the workplace.

The productivity of an organization is directly proportional to the workflow of its employees. It is then crucial to track the invested time according to their set schedule. That’s where the problem statement lies. As an organization, it can be a little hard to track the whole set-up of an employee specifically their desk time which in turn leads to fragmentary results.

Technology Stack

  • IoT
  • AWS
  • React Native
  • Micro python


In every good process, there have challenges to make it more refined, the same happened with this also. Following are the changes that we faced:

  • Unavailable Hardware: To make the device, we were in search of appropriate hardware but this search wasn’t as easy as it seems. It was so difficult to find suitable material to make a proper hardware system that can give a base to the whole process.
  • Unavailability of Code: To make hardware more interactive, it was very necessary to implement a proper unit of code that can bind the whole system together, but we faced many obstacles in finding an appropriate embedded code.
  • Designing Issue: To design a compact delineation for the solution that we planned, was such a difficult task to complete. It was very typical in nature to make a design that consists of all the features but is very compact in design.


  • Our approach was to make a sensor system that can detect the presence of human-based at their preset temperature so that it is easy for us to track the productivity of assets and schedule things further. The main motive was to make things easy on the organization level as well as in the asset management arena so that we can actually automate things in the tracking methods.

  • As we found our approach most suitable at the hour, using IoT, and Micro Python we decided to incorporate our idea into a physical device that can sense the temperature and save it for further use to enhance our motto of having a productive environment. It saves the data and converts it into a graph to show the exact amount of tracked data. Smart Desk is not just related to increasing a productive environment, it is also helpful in asset tracking and inventory tracking.

  • As creators, we wanted to develop something that reduces tracking through manual interventions. We wanted to make it more automatic and more user-friendly.

“All in all, we knew that asset tracking and increasing the production environment will be a task to maintain but we wanted to go ahead with something that can help us in long run and also is easy to maintain even at an organizational level. And hence, here comes the evolution of the “Smart Desk”.”

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