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Project Summary

Integration of the latest technologies and advanced methodologies into the Telecom platform can only make communication and networking even better and undoubtedly delivers a seamless and dynamic experience to the users.

Get into the details of how to build a Self-Service Kiosk (SSK) application for mobile users!

Technology Stack

  • React Native
  • Adobe XD
  • Postman


The SSK App is responsible for-

  • Providing a user-friendly Interface for the Kiosks that will be designed based on the relative UX analysis

  • Handling all necessary communication with the DxL middleware in order to complete the available actions of the app.

  • Exchanging payment information through deep-linking with Cardlink’s Payment Application.

  • Storing and handling all necessary events and logs that will be used for reporting and maintenance purposes.

  • Receiving input from the Barcode/QR Code scanner in order to initiate a bill payment process.

  • Receipt printing for bill payment and top-up actions, using templates that will be designed based on guidelines given by both the service provider and Card link.

  • Retrieving the assets that will be displayed on the screen saver while the device remains in idle mode, and until a customer interacts with it.


The application distinctively facilitates three main services for the users -

  • In Postpaid Bill Payment, the users enter their MSISDN number and the application communicates with the DxL to fetch the bill details for that account. The bill details associated with the number then appear on the screen for the user to preview. The user is then subjected to verifying his identity through three-factor authentication methods. Afterward, the user can make the payment, for which an e-receipt is sent to his email address.

  • For Prepaid Top-up users, the application displays the current prepaid balance of the user’s account, in order to help him decide on the top-up amount. The user can select the top-up amount from predefined values, which are the same for all users, or by filling in a custom amount. The application, then, communicates with DxL for payment completion and shows on the screen whether the transaction has been successful or failed.

  • During Prepaid Bundle/Plan Activation, the application authenticates the user through OTP validation. If he gets verified, only then he can proceed with the top-up plan. After successful authentication, both the Flex and non-flex users are displayed with a list of eligible bundles associated with their account, and they can select any one of them for activation.

“ The application distinctively facilitates three main services, i.e., Postpaid Bill Payment, Prepaid Top-up, and Prepaid Plan Activation for the Vodafone users. In short, it integrates all the payment platforms with SSK to provide a seamless user experience.”

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