CMS Solution

Quality Automation


It is story of one of the largest Avionics customer we have. Habilelabs developed the CMS (content management system) for the customer. The customer has many internal companies and divisions and lot of products to showcase and other modules for press release and much more.


It was tough to created a CMS by using symfony CMF (content management framework).
  • It was very difficult to data transformation between the admin components and backend.
  • We used the react Js for making admin side components. As we know in the CMS we have to use lots of components inside the another components. Means we have to create the parent and child data process management into the admin part.


  • In the admin part we managed parent and child data. We provide the freedom to add any component inside the any component.
  • In the backend side we saved the data as individual component. We wrote the code for saving the data for every admin side component. Because this will also help when reusing the component. This is the good process by us because we increased the performance by using this reusability.
  • We used normalizer for getting the managed data from database.
  • Our team members write the quality code and write proper comments.

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, are:
  • Increase Performance
  • Reusable components
  • We used the normalizer for normalized the saved data.