CRM Solution

CRM Solution

CRM Solutions

Habilelabs is the offshore development partner of CRM and has played a significant role in building a world-class solution for opportunity management for sales teams in high-tech B2B complex environments.


It was very difficult to handle angular.js with salesforce.
  • It was tough to handle critical features like reporting, timeline and org-charts.
  • It lacked the scale and robustness expected of an enterprise-grade CRM system.
  • It was pain for customers to manage coordination between all the teams effectively.


  • It uses interesting technology combination. On the top of salesforce, this application is using Angular.js for front-end development, both requiring hands-on experience. Habilelabs handled it quite and delivered it with quality key-features.
  • Habilelabs started engagement with standalone CRM.
  • We delivered key features like reporting tool, meeting minutes and file attachment support. We also started handling responsibility of production support.
  • It was pain to manage code on salesforce and deployment process was time consuming and it was using zipped static resources. We designed unique deployment process of static resource using grunt tool and started managing code using git which enabled big team to work on one feature at once. In long term, it was proved to be a smart move. We were able to reduce release-cycle significantly.
  • Habilelabs played a key role in development of features like Org chart, Interactive salesforce embeds, timeline and overview screens. These features created lot of impacts for enterprise customers.

Key Benefits

  • On CRM, the architecture was able to reduce loading time by 70% by refactoring and smart reporting feature enabled it to be enterprise-ready.
  • Redesign architecture under the hood to reduce loading time and smooth user experience to reduce release cycle and time to market.
  • To achieve scale and performance that was difficult to achieve in a salesforce product, thereby helping the product gain significant traction among its customers.