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Project Summary

Our passion for providing the highest quality healthcare services has been matched with the unwavering confidence that doctors and patients have placed in our abilities. These tests are carried out in a highly professional setting with cutting-edge BSL-2 technology, and we have the largest team of professionals in Rajasthan working together to remove any potential for errors or inconsistencies. We have always incorporated and applied cutting-edge technologies in the field of pathology at Dr. B. Lal Clinical Laboratory, living up to our slogan in the process.


As the saying goes, “You can not achieve something without facing the predicaments” we also faced a lot of challenges whilst approaching this issue which are :

  • Booking a test was quite a complicated process
  • Lack of integrated admin panel to manage discounts and schemes at HO Level
  • Tracking of all the branches, test lab’s revenue and volume of tests conducts.


Developed a mobile application so that patients could quickly download their findings and schedule tests. Patients can take advantage of ongoing discounts and promotions for their medical exams and tests. created an official website for the business where clients may log in to view their invoices and payment information, health data, and other information. Narrowed the test booking and report cycle. The lead booking and process flow were automated, reducing the need for human intervention. The patient self-service module decreased the amount of staff required at the HO level to manage the records, plan for upcoming decisions, and identify potential improvement areas.

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