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Smart Bell

Automate the scheduling process with Smart Bell

Project Summary

Boarding the institutional amenities with Thingsboard and IoT to add a seamless user experience.

The goal was to develop a smart bell device that enables the users to set a timer to ring the automatic bell at a specific time, intimating all the entities within the building of a specific activity.

Smart bell is an IoT application that can reduce labor work and saves invaluable time, which is something that many institutional entities are in need of. You do not need to be available on location to trigger the bell, once you set it from your mobile device, it will ring at the precise time without delay.

Technology Stack

  • IoT
  • ThingsBoard
  • AWS
  • Flutter


In the path of developing this smart bell, there were many challenges that were faced by the whole team. A few major challenges were:

  • Research about embedded devices is one of the tough tasks as it was the base. How embedded devices works, how they can be connected, and what can be the major requirements were the important areas where we have researched to get a clear picture of the device. We try to incorporate every advantage of the embedded device into this smart bell.
  • Selection of framework and the programming language is the second most important part as we need to work on a framework that can be really helpful in making this and can be easily understandable by the team members and the users too.
  • Connectivity communication is another challenge we faced as we need to communicate with the device and the database. To set up this communication, research was the only way, and this is where we researched all the possible ways to do particular research.
  • Managing the protocol i.e. HTTP server was another task that was lined up in the cue and for this, our teammates worked on the various ways to manage it.


To achieve what we wanted, we started with basic research and then start working on the areas which helps us to create a path toward our dream. We have scheduled our tasks, divided the whole goal into sub-tasks, and even we have done real-time interaction to get a better view of the problem so that updates can be made accordingly.

Our objective was to serve the best by making things simpler to save invaluable time and manual efforts, which in turn ensures increased productivity and efficiency of the application. Smart bell is used by various institutions to eliminate human dependency on trivial tasks, while also reducing the chances of time lack and disturbances.

This bell has its own feature which makes it different from the ordinary bell. A few of them are:

  • Work on the time according to your phone as it will not work on any manual mode and ultimately helps you to attach the bell with the timings of your cell phone.
  • Reduce manual efforts as there’s no longer a need for someone to go and ring the bell. It will dynamically work according to the timings of your cell phone. Manual efforts of keeping a track of each detail also come to an end.
  • Less time-consuming as it is a one-time setup that will work for a long.

“It was, on the whole, a joyful and learning experience for the entire team. We learned about the sensitive issue of digital privacy as data was being collected through multiple trackers in the form of third-party cookies. The CMP protects the data privacy of the user and enables them to selectively concur as to what data can be tracked and to what ends. We were glad to be a part of the project being designed to ensure safe browsing and data privacy.”

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