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Providing the household services at your fingerprints


Project Summary

The platform establishes a secure, dependable, and transparent connection between you and home assistance. We provide you with ease and confidence in the process of locating helpers, making offers, negotiating, figuring out the cost, and evaluating the service based on the experience and recommendations of other clients—things that have long been lacking in our industry.

To choose, negotiate, and recruit cleaning workers, nannies, cooks, direct plant personnel or entry via the exit, according to your needs, download our application.

Technology Stack

  • Platform- Android, iOS, Linux & Windows
  • Framework- Strapi – Node JS Headless CMS, React Native
  • DB- PostgreSQL
  • Frontend- React Native, React JS, JSX
  • Tools- VS Code, Android Studio, Xcode, PostMan


As the saying goes, “You can not achieve something without facing the predicaments” we also faced a lot of challenges whilst approaching this issue which are :

  • To develop an application that could offer home-based services like Babysitting, cleaning & Cooking services as well as create jobs for those who are unemployed.
  • To Assist users in finding household assistance.
  • To assist service providers in consistently locating lucrative jobs.


To build the applications, we combined Monorepo & React Native technology. React JS was used for the web application. Admin panel was created solely by the Strapi dashboard. We created a platform to find helpers, make offers, negotiate prices, determine how much the service will cost, and evaluate it based on the experiences and suggestions of other customers—things that have long been lacking in our industry.

The sole motive was to find assistance, make proposals, negotiate prices, determine the cost, and evaluate the service based on your experience and the recommendations of other customers—things that have long been missing from our sector.

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