Unlock Seamless Document Management System: Docuswift - Your Trusted Document Companion


Are you tired of the chaos that comes with managing documents?

Say hello to DocuSwift , the ultimate solution for streamlined document management system.

With Docuswift, you can bid farewell to the frustration of lost files, scattered documents, and inefficient workflows. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to effortlessly organize, access, and secure every document, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

Experience seamless document management with Docuswift, powered by AWS's serverless architecture. Effortlessly organize, access, and secure your documents with our innovative platform.

Why DocuSwift?

Revolutionizing Document Management System for Efficiency, Security, and Integration

Comprehensive Audit Logs

Ensure transparency and accountability with detailed audit logs, allowing you to track every action taken within the system. With comprehensive audit trails, DocuSwift provides peace of mind and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements.

Seamless User Management

Effortlessly manage user access and permissions with DocuSwift's user management features. From adding and removing users to defining roles and permissions, administrators have granular control over user accounts, ensuring secure and efficient collaboration.

Scalable Serverless Architecture with S3 Tiering

Leverage the power of AWS's serverless architecture with DocuSwift, ensuring scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. With S3 tiering, Docuswift optimizes storage costs by automatically moving data between storage classes based on access patterns, providing efficient data management solutions.

Open API Integration

Integrate DocuSwift seamlessly with other systems and applications using our open API. By providing easy access to Docuswift's functionalities, the open API enables enhanced connectivity and workflow integration, empowering organizations to optimize their processes and workflows.

Effortless Document Search with Docuswift

Discover the power of Docuswift's advanced search functionalities. Effortlessly search within specific sources, globally across the entire repository, using meta tags, or conduct bulk searches using file names and meta tag key-value pairs. Streamline your document retrieval process with Docuswift.

Data Management System-Search and Organize
Data Management System-Search and Organize

Seamless Integration with DocuSwift's APIs

Unlock seamless integration possibilities with Docuswift's open APIs. Easily integrate Docuswift with your current running applications, empowering your workflows with enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

Data Management System-Integration
Data Management System-Integration

User Management with DocuSwift

Simplify user management tasks and enhance security with DocuSwift's seamless integration with Amazon Cognito. With Cognito, you can easily manage user authentication and authorization, ensuring secure access to DocuSwift.

Data Management System-User Management
Data Management System-User Management

Effortless File Storage with DocuSwift

Experience seamless file storage and access with DocuSwift's integration with Amazon S3, featuring smart tiering technology. Store your files effortlessly and access them with ease, knowing that Docuswift's intelligent S3 integration ensures optimal storage efficiency and accessibility for all your document management needs.

Data Management System-File and Folder
Data Management System-File and Folder

Unlocking Efficiency and Security: Benefits of Docuswift

Docuswift offers seamless document organization, enhanced security, seamless integration, scalable storage, streamlined collaboration, and improved compliance, empowering organizations to revolutionize document management.

Efficient Document Organization

Simplify document management with intuitive tools for categorization, tagging, and search functionalities, ensuring easy organization and retrieval of files.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost

Leverage Docuswift's serverless architecture and cloud-based storage solutions to reduce infrastructure costs associated with traditional document management systems.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate DocuSwift with existing applications and systems through open APIs, facilitating enhanced workflow efficiency and productivity across your organization.

Scalable Storage Solutions

Utilize AWS S3 with smart tiering, enabling scalable and cost-effective storage options for your growing document repositories, while optimizing storage costs based on access patterns.

Explore Docuswift Interface

Get a glimpse of the intuitive interface and powerful features of Docuswift with our visual walkthrough.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Let Docuswift Simplify Your Document Management System!

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