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A one-stop online portal for learning the English language, it’s a next-generation dictionary aiming at an intuitive way to learn with a set of images, sounds, and games. EnglishSikho acts as an educational buddy for those who want to learn English at their pace and comfort.

The initial thought behind this online help web portal was to provide a readily available platform for all those people who want to either develop their vocabulary, or their communication skills or remove hesitation. EnglishSikho is an English-Hindi dictionary having a huge collection of 4,00,000 words.

Throughout the years, it has evolved into a very approachable and user-friendly platform amongst the targeted audience and gets a very enthralling response in return.

Our Offerings

1. The Plethora of Word Games

To develop your vocabulary, there are a lot of vocabulary building, word building, and spelling games that give your dictionary a new meaning every day.

2. New Words & Their Usage

On a daily basis, EnglishSikho provides a new word with its usage every day

3. Tips & Tricks

To increase your horizon of learning, it provides you with different tips to build your game up.

4. Competition Analysis

You can play all those provided games with all the registered users all over the world and have a leader board curated just for you.

Features and Offering

Why English Sikho ?

  • It is user-friendly and has an immensely easy interface
  • A reliable source of providing information
  • Ensure to provide a bucket full of knowledge
  • Enthralling platform activities like word games, vocabulary checks, and grammar tests.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world with just a click.
  • Readily available dictionary with a superfluity of words. It has more than 4,00,000 words
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