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ProGPT - Personalized GPT for Your Business

Embark on a new era of conversational innovation with ProGPT.

Explore the future of conversational innovation with ProGPT at HabileLabs.

Tailored to your needs, ProGPT goes beyond general internet knowledge, learning from your expertise. Create a personalized ChatBOT using diverse data sources, revolutionizing customer service and document interaction with swift and accurate responses.

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Swift and Accurate Customer Service

Unlike ChatGPT, ProGPT is trained on your specific content and responds accurately to your queries. It also allows users to ask questions in natural language eliminating the need to type keywords.

Seamless Integration of ProGPT

To create the chatbot of your dreams, simply use your browser to upload files. No IT assistance is required! Say goodbye to challenging integrations and welcome the ease of constructing chatbots into your websites, helpdesks, apps and more.

Confluence Space Integration

Facilitate integration with your confluence space. Retrieve precise content from Confluence spaces, selecting markdown or all attachments—PDFs, Excel files, images, and videos—for a versatile approach to accessing a diverse range of data.

SubURL Content Retrieval

Retrieve all subURL content effortlessly by providing only the base URL, allowing you to access comprehensive information from different sections of your website. Alternatively, opt to fetch all content on a specific subURL only by providing the subURL alone.

Shareable Bots

Create bots within ProGPT to organize and manage your conversations effectively. Share these bots with peers to facilitate collaborative engagement and conduct interactive question-answer sessions with uploaded content, enhancing overall collaboration and knowledge-sharing among peers in two different ways – either embed individual bots in the required websites or share the link to users to interact.

Export & Track Conversations

Admin can easily export conversations from ProGPT for future reference or collaboration and can also track the conversations.

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Why ProGPT?

  • Real-time Information Access: Overcome the limitation of existing tools with ProGPT's ability to provide up-to-the-minute information, ensuring your responses are always current and relevant.

  • Diverse Data Utilization: Break free from data source restrictions by using ProGPT to extract information from a variety of document sources, including PDFs, Excel, Word files, images, websites, and Confluence spaces.

  • Elimination of Guesswork: Experience accurate and precise responses with ProGPT, eliminating guesswork and ensuring efficiency in generating responses for customer service and document interaction.

  • Secure and Confidential Interaction: Ensure the security and confidentiality of interactions by utilizing ProGPT, which prioritizes data privacy and does not store files unless explicitly requested.

  • Seamless Integration with Workflows: Seamlessly integrate ProGPT into your existing workflows, enhancing collaboration and ensuring a smooth incorporation of AI capabilities into your business processes.

Smart Desk Features and Offering

In-Sync Seamless Setup

Embark on Intelligent Conversations

Simple Setup in Minutes

Setting up ProGPT is a quick process, taking only about 2 minutes. Visit the "Create Project" section, where you can upload multiple PDFs, input base URLs, provide standalone URLs, or integrate Confluence effortlessly. For Confluence integration, just provide the Confluence URL, username, API Keys, and space keys, and ProGPT handles the rest.

Training with OpenAI

Once the process is initiated with your content, ProGPT systematically crawls through it. Leveraging OpenAI's language models, it constructs a chatbot that is ready to operate within minutes. You always have access to the latest OpenAI models, ensuring your ProGPT bot stays updated with the latest innovations.

Secure, Cloud-Hosted Platform

ProGPT is available on a secure, cloud-hosted, no-code subscription platform, ensuring the safety and accessibility of your data. As you introduce new content or update existing information, ProGPT undergoes automatic updates to stay current.

Personalized ChatGPT-Style Bot with Effortless Interaction

The result is a personalized ChatGPT-style chatbot infused with your specific content, capable of answering questions that only someone familiar with your content would know. With ProGPT, asking questions and issuing commands becomes seamless, eliminating the need for tedious keyword searches.

Visual Insights of ProGPT

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FAQs Unveiled

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How is this different from free sites that allow me to upload a PDF?

Is there a file size limit for uploading documents?

Is it possible to upload multiple files at once, or do I need to upload them one by one?

How can I access the "Upload" feature in the platform?

Is it possible to add more files to an existing project using the "Upload" feature?

Is it possible to delete or replace files after they have been uploaded?

How does the system process and utilize the uploaded documents to enhance the knowledge of the chatbot?

How can I ensure that the chatbot only provides answers from my uploaded documents?

I uploaded multiple documents to my chatbot. Can I see which document was used in the ChatGPT response?

What happens if a user adds more data to the integrated Confluence space or website URL? Do they need to re-initiate the integration process, or is the system designed to seamlessly update with the new information?

Enhance customer service and document interaction with tailored ChatBOTs.
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