HR Solution

E-Commerce Solution

Habilelabs provide E-Commerce solutions that allow performing multiple tasks in terms of consumer and business admin. Consumers can buy/purchase products and services in a very convenient way while business admin can configure the details of the product from backend.


  • It’s a big challenge to manage all-in-one eCommerce solutions at a single platform. Anyone can start their business in any niche. So, it was painful to design the structure of reusable components.
  • It was tough to support multiple languages and to translate the dynamic data. It needs to read all keywords (node) of the screen and save it on the database with translation.
  • To develop the E-Commerce platform with real-time effects was a real pain as it uses meteor for real-time reflection. It means the user will get an instant reflection of changes without reloading the pages.
  • It was difficult to add multiple payment gateways for multiple languages and regions.
  • To design packages of every module in Meteor.js was another issue.

Habilelabs Solution

  • Habilelabs suggest a better way out for faster recruitment.
  • We provide faster Resume searches by browsing a great number of resumes by a simple and defined search.
  • It was really challenging to manage the relation between jobseeker and recruiter. So, we used the MySQL database for building better relations between them.
  • We provide advanced methods of job searching.
  • We used a normalized database for removing delicacy and increase the speed of the product.

Key Benefits

The key benefits we provided are:
  • Reduced loading time by 70%
  • Real-time operations
  • Managed millions of data without affecting the performance of the product.
  • High Security for data and process.