Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

Habilelabs is the offshore development partner of Ausya and has played a crucial role in building a world-leading solution for prescriptions handling of patient in clinics, labs and Medical store under doctor’s profile. We create or manage patient and doctor management system.


Engaging with your patients in ways that are meaningful to them is the heart of better relationships and care, irrespective of whatever the challenges coming between successful system or application online.
  • It requires a complete management of huge data for clinic, lab, clients, dentist and hospitals.
  • Creation of simple and advanced pathways to make well-managed and maintained web and mobile applications.
  • Manage the real-time process like prescription, treatments, payments and reports.
  • Management of individual profile of a doctor, like how many patients are under that individual.
  • Hard to manage the process for mobile app.
  • Making of record separately for doctor, patient, clinics and hospitals.


  • All the technologies requires cutting edge experience and tremendous skills. Habilelabs handled it very conveniently and delivered the essential features and components timely.
  • Most of feature used many times so we can create better components and reduced the time for making feature again. In one term reusability, no need to create it again.
  • The most unique and challenging part is tooth construction for dentists that have lots of features and conditions but our developers have unique strength to handle these problems so we can provide such solutions easily.
  • Habilelabs used one of the famous framework known as IONIC which makes it easy to build top-quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies.

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, are:
  • High Performance
  • Realtime Reflection
  • High Security