HR Solutions

HR Solutions

HR Solutions

Habilelabs has played a prominent role in building a world-leading solution for Job portals which provide a platform for jobseekers and recruiters so that they both can interact with each other.


We ensure high-security and performance in HR solutions and make the process easy and advanced. That’s why Habilelabs is the best option to achieve these goals for the HR solutions.
  • Import data from Gmail, Get data from Resume
  • To benefit recruiter and jobseeker together
  • High performance and search filter.
  • Making the process easy and advance.
  • Security is the biggest challenge for HR solutions

Habilelabs Solution:

  • Habilelabs suggest a better way out for faster recruitment.
  • We provide resume search, browse great number of resumes by simple and defined search.
  • It was really challenging to manage relation between jobseeker and recruiter. So, we used MySQL database for making relations between them.
  • We provide advanced methods of job searching.
  • We used normalized database for removing delicacy and increase the speed of product.
  • We used Angular JS for this so that the recruiter as well as candidate can update their profile without much loading of the website page.

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, that are:
  • To reduce loading time by 70% and feel like real time operations.
  • To manage millions of data without affecting the performance of the product.
  • To administrating all recruiter and jobseeker activities.
  • Highly Secure for data and process.