Loopback Framework Services

Being an Open-source and highly extensible Node JS framework based on Express, LoopBack creates dynamic End-to-End REST APIs with minimal coding. Loopback, having a long list of features, is getting trendy worldwide among SMEs and large enterprises. With the profound knowledge about the extensive features of the Loopback framework, our expert team develops robust and sophisticated web applications.

Exclusive Features of Loopback

OpenAPI Spec Driven REST API

In-built Swagger Support

GraphQL and CLI Support

Flexible Application Development

Areas Where We Excel??

Safer Advancement

A safer approach is everything for our business ethics.

Unbroken Consistency

We are consistent with our diligence and authenticity. There are no “bad days”, in our work culture.

Scalable Interaction

We are a group of experts, who are competent to provide all types of related advices.

Efficient Communication

Advanced communication system to fathom with.

Smooth Migration

We can migrate your applications from current platform to Loopback without suffering any data loss.

Wide Variety of Options

Choose from a wide variety of options to get with the trends of the time. We would never like you to lack behind, even in the farthest possibilities.

We Create a Better and Bigger Network of Scalable Applications

We are a vigorous player in the tech marketplace. We accomplish a variety of tasks with our communication through Loopback Interface Development. We strive to come up with the product line which is enough to create a breakthrough. We are a popularized custom application development platform which is the core reason for development at ease. We choose the best for you, from our hiring models. We have been serving our clients all across the world in an efficient and effective way. We implement the applications in a way that multiple users can use the same amount of resources to satisfy their business needs at the same time.

We Render Quality Solutions

Loopback is a simple yet dynamic framework that is well tested and possess transformative characteristics. We mend completely with the ongoing knowledge and plan it extensively, to give you a detailed solution. Our organization always provides its clients with excellence production support services. We offer responsive and expressive solutions that are flexible, fast and reliable.

Why Choose Habilelabs As Your Loopback Partner??

We are dedicated to build inventive products that make up for the extraordinary business solution. We offer responsive and expressive solutions that are flexible, fast and reliable.

Delivered Multiple Projects Using Loopback

Smooth Project Development and Delivery Process

Strictly Stick to Clock

Excellent Knowledge Base on LoopBack

Inbuilt Support for Swagger

CLI Support to Generate Different Modules