Bulk Aadhaar Masking and APIs

Launching Aadhaar Masking API to mask Aadhaar numbers from your customer documents; one at a time or in bulk

Our Offerings

Batch Processing Solution

Cheapest and Most accurate solution. This comprises a script that can be run on a folder containing files. The script thoroughly scans all files within the designated folders, identifies Aadhaar cards, masks their associated numbers and QR codes, and securely saves the files in a specified location

API Solution

This includes APIs that can be easily integrated into various applications. When an application submits a file to the API, it automatically scans the file, concealing Aadhaar numbers and QR codes. The API then returns the modified file.

Protect Aadhaar Data with our Masking API

Securely mask and protect sensitive Aadhaar data with our powerful Aadhaar Masking API, now available on Azure Marketplace.

Industries that can be benefitted

Aadhaar masking is useful for various industries that handle Aadhaar data and prioritize data privacy and compliance

Banking and Financial Services

Aadhaar Masking API enhances data privacy in banking and financial services by securely masking Aadhaar numbers, protecting customer data during transactions, account management, and KYC processes.


HabileLabs supports healthcare providers in masking Aadhaar numbers to ensure the confidentiality of patient records and comply with privacy regulations in medical billing, insurance claims, and electronic health records.

Government Agencies

We aids government organizations in masking Aadhaar numbers to maintain data privacy and security when handling citizen records, public welfare programs, and administrative processes.


Aadhaar Masking API helps insurance companies protect sensitive customer data by securely masking Aadhaar numbers during policy processing, claims management, and underwriting processes, ensuring data privacy and compliance.

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