Event Nerve

Effectively manage all your events with Event Nerve digital tool!

Event Nerve

Event Nerve is an event management software tool and your partner in this digital era. It facilitates hassle-free planning and flexible event management to deliver a seamless experience to your delegates.

From invitation cards to entry tickets, conveyance to accommodation, refreshments to fun activities, it takes care of everything effectively. While you have other crucial matters to attend to, this tool is here to organize and manage your entire event without hassle.


Explore the new verticals to automate & digitalize your corporate events.

  • Automated Online Registration

    Our custom registration tool enables you to personalize the entry fields. With a mobile-friendly user interface, you can go live in minutes. All registrations are integrated with user management for all the features.

  • User management

    A portal for managing all the data related to the one who is attending that event is the major quality of the platform. Easily accessible data, multiple options, and easy format to save the records for future reference.

  • Easy Follow-ups

    Keeping a record of who will be attending the event is a bit complicated task but with this service, it is quite easy to maintain as manual efforts will be reduced to zero and one can easily be in touch with all through a single platform.

  • Travel and accommodation

    To make it a bit easy for the attendees to focus on the event we provide you a facility where it will be organized where your attendees will stay and how they are going to reach that event on time without getting puzzled.

  • Digital Memories

    A space that is shared with all the attendees before the event so that everyone can share the memories they created throughout the event. Rather than asking for pictures, all can be on the same platform with all their memories.

  • Cashless Payments

    Doing transactions with cash in live events is time-consuming and even delaying things but cashless payments throughout the event can really save time and one can definitely enjoy the event.

  • Digital Message Board

    Amazing software that provides the means for social engagement where users can share their hand-written feedback on the digital wall. You can also opt for social integration with the digital message board software.

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