Smart Bell

Get Smart with Smart Bell !

An automatic and smart bell that can help educational institutions and healthcare organizations to grow and manage their timings of activities, routines, and everything else in a seamless and procedural manner, while also eliminating the dependency cycle.

Instantly notifies your potential users or customers of an upcoming event or activity at a particular time, at regular intervals, or on specific days with the ‘Smart Bell’ application.

While organizations are always constantly searching for ways to reduce manual labor, Smart bell is here to the rescue.

Features & Offerings

1. Amazing Sound System -

Smart Bell device has multiple bells that can be put to use - long continuous bells, short period bells, bells for any particular time schedules as well.

2. Easy and Super Fast Connectivity -

Oh yes, you do not have to stick around a particular area or location for making bells ring. Smart Bell has that easy and exible user experience and super fast connectivity that any mobile via application can o er, from anywhere and everywhere.

3. Big-time Data Saver -

Smart Bell Mobile application shows which wi is connected to mobile application and schedule preferences for deleting and adding the time schedules anytime. One can easily save on data by removing "no longer needed" schedules.

4. Stylish UI/ UX -

Any user would love to access the Smart Bell application because of it's top notch and beautiful UI/ UX designs that are not only visually appealing but also, user friendly.

5. Bug free -

We understand that bugs or errors while using an application can be such a turn-o for any user. This is why, Smart Bell application has been put in place with next levels of testing, ensuring that it is entirely bug free.

USP of Smart Bell

  • User need not be present at the location to operate this device. It is a real ‘time saver’ for any user.
  • Device can simply be con gured to mobile and settings can be done as per need - giving users the bene t of ‘ exibility’.
  • The device is extremely ‘user friendly’. There is absolutely no rocket science behind ‘how to use and con gure the device’. It is very simple and easy to use.
  • Once the device has been con gured to mobile, the usage is completely ‘hassle free’. User can totally relax, be stress free and let the device do its work.

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