Smart Desk

A work pattern monitoring system designed to bring ease to working professionals!

Smart Desk

As a working individual, it can be challenging to work continuously for so long which in turn affects health adversely. Or, For an organization to have a centralized look at the employees' working activity in between the ongoing processes, this device has been designed in a format that keeps track of the working behavior of an individual.

Smart Desk is an automated device that helps in building a productive and healthy culture for an individual as well as an organization while keeping track of their working scenarios.

Undergo the experience of having a seamless and comprehensive look into the productivity and health statistics of the employees within your enterprise with this device called ‘Smart Desk’.

Features & Offerings

Reimagine and redefine the term ‘Productivity & Health’ through automated means.

1. Work Monitoring

Seamless and accurate monitoring of the assets’ activities with the embedded sensor system that can detect human presence at their preset temperature.

2. Continuous Tracking

Enhance your working efficiency through the automated & continuous tracking feature of the device.

3. Productive & Healthy Environment

Provides a centralized view of your daily working hours to get regular insights about the efficiency of the activities, leading to creating a productive environment.

Smart Desk Features and Offering
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