Smart Queue Management

Automated queues for smarter work

Smart Queue Management

Queues are inevitable. When you are managing queues efficiently, you will get work done faster, have more time for other tasks and accomplish more in the same amount of time! Smart Queue Management is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that will take care of your queues for you, so you can focus on your work and enjoy your day.

Technical Aspect:

  • Electronics
  • Micro-Python
  • Cloud Communication (AWS)
  • React Js


Save time and be punctual with IOT-driven devices.

  • Small Compact Device

    Queue management is a difficult task, but the Smart Queue Management device can do it for you by storing and monitoring your queue. The electronic device is also in place, making it easy for clients to manage.

  • Easy-to-use Interface

    The interface of the device is too easy to handle. Just scan and you are enrolled in the queue. The client too can have a QR code and can quickly get notifications about the member in the row.

  • Automatic QR Code Generation

    Stop wasting time on generating qr codes and checkout your shoppers faster. With Smart Queue Management, you can stop worrying about manually generating qr codes and managing your queues. Now you can automate everything with just one click, making your customer's experience the best it has ever been.

  • Customer Visibility/Analytics

    It takes all your customer data and organizes it for you which will never create chaos or challenging situation for the client as well as the customer.

  • Time Saving Device for Customer

    Do you want to be a smart person? Why not make your day smarter by allowing Queue Management to manage your customer's rescheduling? Be prepared for the next day & avoid the chaos.

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