Quality and Automation

Quality Automation

Quality Automation

Habilelabs is a prime name in the IT sector, known for its quality and excellence. We believe in the process of trust-building with long-term partnership and our services are worthy to get the lead in the tech-industry.


It was tough to add SSO (Single Sign On) functionality between two modules and company Leads can track performance information of their employees, and also employees are reviewed and scored by their leads.
  • Backend for one module was PHP and other module was node JS, so make relations among these modules was a painful task.
  • It was very tough to change database from fireBase to MySQL, so it was very difficult to keep the same logic for frontend and change its complete backend structure.
  • Data of firebase in JSON files and that have keys of firebase ,so it was difficult to make relations among different JSON files and save that data in database.


  • HabileLabs successfully handled issue of completely changing backend from firebase to node and keep logic same for frontend.
  • Habilelabs successfull completed task to enter all data of json files in database by writing a task runner script in node js and successfully created relations between json files and stored data in database.
  • To include SSO and make relations with other database, we used curl for SSO and created a common api , that is called by using curl in php ,so to make relations between node and php

Key Benefits

In addition, we provided some other benefits together with requirements, are:
  • High Performance
  • To create relative between different database.